Burhan Wani’s killing may have been fake encounter: Prashant Bhushan

Varanasi : Before some days to go when Hizbul Mujahideen main commander Burhan Wani was the encounter and after his death, the controversy not stopped, Where day by day a new controversy generated by the encounter Islamic terrorist Burhan Wani. Now ‘Prashant Bhushan’, Who is a Former leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) asked issues about the encounter Islamic terrorist Burhan Wani by millimeter forces in the Kashmir assuming maximum people have doubted it.

Burhan Wani’s killing may have been fake encounter Prashant Bhushan

According to the reports, Where AAP leader Bhushan said Wani’s history must be reviewed to determine why did he become a terrorist.

Burhan Wani’s killing may have been fake encounter Prashant Bhushan1

There were rumors that once Burhan Wani was going on a vehicle with two another, Also combining his elder brother, after than the militaries forces arrested them and struck up his brother without a strong reason.

Also, he said that It is not clear on the off chance that it was a fake experience. A great many people have questions about it and when his leader brother was beaten by a policeman than what’s the effect going on that just the only 15-year-old child and what was imagine for the police who slapped his brother without any specific reason.

However , AAP leader Bhushan announced that Kashmiris screaming for independence notes that they believe the army law has been purposely forced upon them.

further, AAP leader Bhushan said that the elder brother of Wani are accidentally whipped up and their women violated and there are extremely more such disturbances and with his next adding, Neither nation can continue for a high time by forcing army rule and whenever stayed, it would just give increase to terrorism. Various nations are handling terrorism as of this.

The superior Chief Court lawyer added stated the ruling of an under court to file a FIR on Mohammad Akhlaq’s house in union with the Dadri mob-lynching situation was not reasonable.