According to a report published by “The Hindubusinessline”, India is among the top four nations in the world for having deaths caused due to smoking and most of the deaths are due to cancer of different types which are influenced by smoking. India also has one of the highest numbers of smokers in the world contributing to more than 11% of the smokers around the world.smoking

According to cancerindia organisation, over two and a half million people are living with this deadly disease,and it might surprise you as an Indian, that half of this galloping number are women. Indian women are getting prone to smoking in the recent time and thus increasing the chances of breast and ovarian cancer. Beside this, another painful fact is that in our country alone a woman diesevery eight-minute due to cervical cancer. Over 50% of the cancer deaths are due to lungs cancer in Male and cervical and breast cancer in women.

According toThe Tobacco Atlas, India produces more than 80 billion cigarettes every year, and the number is growing even after many restrictions on smoking. So, if you are buying a percentage of these huge number of smokes produced in India, you should also consider buying a cancer insurance policywhich would hardly cost you not more than another two packs of cigarettes in a month. Since the expense of treating cancer is enormous, and on the other hand, you are unable to quit smoking, plan for your finances well in advance.

How Can Smoking Cause Cancer?

In the movie hall, before the beginning of the movie, it is shown that “this much amount of tar can cause cancer”,but cigarettes are made of chemicals which are way dangerous than tar. Chemicals like chromium, arsenic cause damages to your DNA and these damages are irreparable. According to the Cancer Research UK, cigarettes contain chemicals which form poisons in our body and destroy or damage the genes. The people who are smokers become more likely to catch diseases as their immunity power decreases at a drastic rate. The damaged cells along the period and with continuous use of smokes are more likely to turn in to cancerous cells which start growing further. According to the research of this center, after every fifteen cigarettes, one DNA is altered and damaged which can cause a cell in the body to turn cancerous and then starts spreading.

Types of Cancers Caused by Smoking

Smoking affects almost all organs. Most critical organs like respiratory and cardiac organs become prone to cancer and other disease due to smoking.  In women, the body parts which are highly affected are the breasts and the cervix beside uterus, bladder or the kidney. There are high chances of having acute myeloid leukemia and colorectal cancer due to smoking according to Cancer Council of Australia.

How Can You Help Yourself?

If you want to quit the habit and save yourself from cancer which is the most probable disease for the smokers, you can:

  • Make up your mind for one fine morning when you are going to throw all your packs of cigarettes out and control your urge of having one single stick of smoke.
  • Make yourself understand that cigarettes do no good for you and your body rather it harms your body and can cause cancer in the long run.
  • If you have withdrawal symptoms, take help from the doctor.
  • Avoid having a puff of smoke while socialising with friends who smoke.
  • Take it day by day. You might crave for one and then two,and then again you will start smoking. So, control yourself and don’t even have one if you have completely left it for a while.
  • Finally, you can start preparing yourself for the future witha cancer insurance policy. Cancer insurance will cost around Rs. 2000per a year (for a 30-year old person) for 20 lakhscover for the next twenty years.

Cancer has ruined many families and mostly because of the financial crisis and the huge treatment cost. Thus, while you are smoking two packs of cigarettes every day, you can buy a cancer insurance policy as well to save your family from the passive effects of your habit.