California 5 People killed in shooting at Multiple Locations, 2 Children Injured

California 5 People killed in shooting at Multiple Locations, 2 Children Injured: – Well, a very sad news is coming out from out from the California. As per the reports, in November morning, 5 Five people were killed and several others got injured, including two children, when a shooter opened fire at multiple locations in Tehama counting, California, the United States. Reports are coming to that police shot down the shooter and now there is no problem but a big incident happened and that’s not good.

Reports are coming that the shooting began as a domestic violence and end up killing people around it at the time. Also, the sources are saying that the gunman’s identity has not been revealed as yet. 10 victims are being treated for injuries in shootings at seven crime scenes including an elementary school. We all know this type of open firing thing being the main problem of United States people. We aren’t sure that this thing is going to solve in any days sooner because every time another new incident pops up.

The man fired at random and police are trying to find out the real reason for the crime. Well, the shooting began at 8 am Tuesday morning in Rancho Tehama. A local was quoted by Los Angeles Times: “Gunfire like crazy. One bang after another.” He added that the gunfire appeared to be coming from different firearms. Reports are saying that the killers were only a person and by the time authorities arrived the gunman was gone but they chased him down.

Sources are saying that he had stolen an unoccupied truck and went on a shooting rampage throughout the area. Yes! The shooter tried to kill all these victims for no worries and this is very bad and disrespectful things ever happened. The shooter reportedly shot at random houses, cars and a mother taking her son to school. “She was transporting her children to school, driving down the road, passed by the [gunman’s] vehicle and he opened fire on them without provocation or warning,” Johnston told LA Times.