California: US Man Dies After Being Hit By Car While Helping Ducks Cross Road

Some tragic incidents feel very painful when someone trying to do some noble cause met with an unfortunate accident. One such painful incident that evokes heartfelt emotions has been reported from California, United States. The shocking incident took over the life of a man who was trying to help a group of ducks cross a busy road in California. The man parked his own vehicle on the side and was helping the ducks and in no time hit by a car and lost his life. The man has been identified as Casey Rivara and was 41 years old. How the compassionate man was on his way home with his children after their swim practice and lost his life out of a sudden. The tragic incident has shocked his family and his loved ones. Here is the detail of the horrifying and strange incident.

US Man Dies After Being Hit By Car

The saddening news is from Stanford Ranch Road and Park Drive in the city of Rocklin near Sacramento, California where Mr Casey Rivara lost his life after he helped a group of ducks to successfully cross the road and was smiling at the moment to watch the ducks as the family of ducks crossed safely. The eyewitness of the mishap, one of the bystanders,12-year-old William was admiring his action and shocked by the scene before him as a speedy car hit the man in no time. The lively scene that he was admiring became scary at once. The kids of the man were in the car and saw their father’s tragic death before them. This was very shocking and shattering for the children.

California: US Man Dies After Being Hit By Car

The Rocklin Police Department has filed the case and investigating it. According to the witnesses, the car that hit the man was driven by a teenager. Police officials are trying to find out the accused. People who were close to him are sharing their tributes on the media channels and are recalling that he was a very kindest and compassionate person. Some shared that he was always ready to help others. His family is mourning his death and is devastated by the profound loss. People were so touched that they left floral tributes and rubber ducks at the site of the collision.

The family has created a GoFundMe page to meet with the funeral expenses. His wife Angel Chow, said in a statement: “We want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for the kind messages and gestures of kindness. Our deepfelt prayers are with the compassionate Mr Casey. Stay tuned.

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