How to Get Call of Duty Mobile for PC, Android & iPhone FREE 2019

How to Get Call of Duty Mobile for PC, Android & iPhone FREE 2019: You all should know that you all can download Call of Duty Mobile without any hesitation. Yes! You are reading it right, Call of Duty has seen the opportunity and they shifted themselves into the mobile world. Also, you all might know that PUBG which was released more than a year ago and now it is one of the most used/played games in India. The game has single-handedly taken forward the online gaming community in India and has changed the market dynamic. PUBG Mobile For PC


  • Call of Duty Mobile offers anew class-based system while playing as a team.
  • Those who play as clowns get a very special power – summon zombies.
  • As a Medic, the player is essentially the one responsible for looking after the team members.
  • PUBG Mobile Latest updates

Call of Duty Mobile For PC, Android, and iPhone

Also, the reports are coming that the Call of Duty Mobile version is going to make you all amazed for sure. You all should know that the potential to challenge this game PUBG is now has grown because a lot of hardcore PC gamers are going to love the “Call of Duty Mobile”. You should know that COD is now available on mobiles platforms for everyone. Call of Duty Mobile Mobile game is available for everyone. Fortnite Patch Notes Updates

If you aren’t aware of the Call of Duty” then you all should know that it is Activision’s popular battle title that has been ruling the PC gaming industry for several years.  You are surely going to love this game for sure and the content is quite good in the game. Call of Duty (COD) has now been ported to mobile platforms. Call of Duty Mobile is currently available for those who registered for the closed beta.

How to download Call of Duty Mobile APK on Android

How to download Call of Duty: Mobile on Android

It is very easy to download the game for all the beta users and they are going to love it for sure. You all should know that the game is available in both Android and iOS at the moment. You all should know that only registered can download the game and play. Also, the beta version notes that all the progress players make in the game will be erased after the final version rolls out. So if you want to enjoy the game now then you should by registering into the beta version. PUBG Mobile Banned

How To Install ‘Call Of Duty: Mobile’ On Your Android Phone

Step 1: Download the ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’ APK and the OBB file. You will have to do this from a third-party website, so ensure you use a trusted source.

Step 2: Using your File Manager app, head to Internal storage/ Android/ OBB. OBBs are additional app resources that are not included with the APK or setup.

Step 3: In the OBB folder, create a new folder with the name ‘com.activision.callofduty.shooter’. We recommend you copy-paste the folder name to avoid any issues.

Step 4: Locate the ‘Call of Duty’ OBB file in the Downloads folder, and move it to this newly created folder. The file should be called ‘’ and will be about 1.4GB in size.

Step 5: Once the OBB file is in place, go ahead and install the APK. Some users may get an error saying “Can’t open file” when installing from Downloads. A simple workaround is to once again go to the File Manager, locate the Downloads folder and then install the ‘com.activision.callofduty.shooter.199.apk’ file.

Step 6: The game installation should commence now. Grant all the necessary permissions and you should be taken to the Sign-Up screen. This can take a few tries because of the almost-beta nature of the game. Keep signing up till you are taken to the main game, after which you can play ‘Call of Duty: Mobile’!

How to download Call of Duty Mobile on iPhone

How to download Call of Duty Mobile on iPhone and iPad

We are pretty sure that you all are going to love the Call of Duty Mobile version for sure. The game is quite similar to the PUBG but yet it is different and we are more than sure that you all are going to love the game for sure. Call of Duty Mobile is currently in beta and is available to a closed group.

How to register for Call of Duty Mobile closed beta

–If you are using an Android phone, Call of Duty Mobile will be available on the PlayStore for registering for the closed beta program.

–Search for the game in the Google PlayStore and hit the “Pre-register” button. Once you do that, PlayStore will automatically notify you of the game’s availability when the closed beta accepts your request.

–For iPhone or iPad users, they will need to head over to the official website, which is The website offers an option to register yourself and will let you download the game via the App Store when it’s available.

Call of Duty Mobile: Class system explained


As a scout, the player gets a massive power give you an idea about hostile positions in the vicinity. The player gets to use Sensor Darts that can give you an idea about which areas nearby you run a huge risk. Scouts can also track footprints of enemies nearby with the tracker ability.


This is nothing like the name suggests. In fact, as a clown, the player gets a very special power summon zombies. Yes, zombies!

With the toy bomb, a clown can summon zombies to protect him/her from the enemies nearby. Zombies will attack the enemy and giving the player time to escape or run for safety. The clown can also limit enemy zombies in their aggression.


As the name suggests, a mechanic gets to use all the cool gadgets in the team. As a mechanic, the player can summon an EMP drone that will halt all electrical operations on the enemy team.

Apart from the EMP drone, a mechanic can also get to use the Engineer ability that will help him/her get an augmented view of vehicles, traps set up by enemies and other items.


As a Medic, the player is essentially the one responsible for looking after the team members. The Medic gets to heal players nearby. Additionally, the rate at which the Medic can heal himself/herself is faster than other players.

Latest Call of Duty: Mobile emerge (Update: Battle Royale mode announced)

The mode lets up to 100 players play on a map that features settings from previous Call of Duty titles. Single, two-person, and four-person playlists are currently being play-tested, though we don’t know if all three playlists will be available from day one. Before you start a Battle Royale match, you can pick certain loadout elements — these can include weapon camos, item skins, and more — and class. The mode lets you pick from six classes: Defender, Mechanic, Scout, Clown, Medic, and Ninja. Each class has its own ability and class skill.