Cambridge Analytica shutting down following Facebook user data controversy

Cambridge Analytica shutting down following Facebook user data controversy: The Cambridge Analytica, the Trump-affiliated data firm at the center of Facebook’s worst privacy scandal in history, which led to the declaration of the bankruptcy and shutting down.

Cambridge Analytica shutting down following Facebook user data controversy

This London firm said that the “unfairly negative media coverage” and stated this has been “vilified” for actions which stated the both legal and widely accepted as part of online advertising anyway.

The Cambridge Analytica stated this which has filed papers to commence insolvency procedures in the UK that should be seeking bankruptcy protection in a federal court in the New York.

“The siege of media coverage has driven away virtually all of the company’s customers and suppliers,” Cambridge Analytica stated in a statement.

“As a result, it has been determined that it is no longer viable to continue operating the business.”

The Facebook told this will keep looking into data misuse by Cambridge Analytica level via the firm which is as per reports, is closing down.

And Jeff Chester of the Center for Digital Democracy, a digital advocacy group in Washington, criticized the Facebook’s privacy practices won’t go away just for the sake of or because of the Cambridge Analytica has.

“Cambridge Analytica’s practices, although it crossed ethical boundaries, is really emblematic of how data-driven digital marketing occurs worldwide,” Chester said.

“Rather than rejoicing that a bad actor has met its just reward, we should recognize that many more Cambridge Analytica-like companies are operating in the conjoined commercial and political marketplace.”

The Cambridge Analytica, whose clients, are, consists of the Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, required information on Facebook users to build psychological profiles on a somehow massive portion of the US electorate anyway.

The company was also worth of the amass, the database quickly with the help of an app which purported to be a personality test also.

The app collected data on tens of millions of people, users and their Facebook friends, still those who did not download the app themselves.

The Facebook has since made tighter its privacy restrictions, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg give evidence before Congress for the first time in 2 days of hearings.

The Facebook also has suspended other companies for using very akin kind of the plans and strategies. One is Cubeyou, that makes personality quizzes and the company has said it did nothing wrong for the seeking reinstatement.

The Cambridge Analytica suspended CEO Alexander Nix in March pending an investigation post the Nix boasted of a variety of unsavoury services to an undercover reporter for Britain’s Channel 4 News.

The Channel 4 News broadcast clips displayed that the Nix has said his data-mining firm essayed an important role in securing Trump’s victory in the 2016 at the presidential elections, as per the various media reports.

Appeared and seen as the CEO Alexander Tayler also stepped down in the month of April which marked its return to his preceding post as chief data officer.

The Cambridge has denied wrongdoing, and Trump’s campaign already said, reportedly, that it didn’t use Cambridge’s data.

On Wednesday, the Cambridge Analytica stated an outside investigation which set its commissioned that ended the allegations were not “borne out by the facts.”

Facebook’s audit of the firm already suspended at the same time as the U.K. regulators conduct their own probe also.

But Facebook stated that the Cambridge Analytica’s decision to close “doesn’t change our commitment and determination to understand exactly what happened and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

The Cambridge Analytica has also stated that it has committed to helping the UK investigation and the office of UK Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham told in March that the firm failed to meet a deadline which is to produce the information that has been requested.