Can Trump Live up to Campaign Promises to Fix America’s Infrastructure?

In one of the most controversial presidential campaigns ever in the United States, now President Donald J. Trump promised to put Americans back to work to “Make America Great Again.” It is his contention that the United States’ infrastructure is failing and revamping and modernizing such things as public transportation and interstate highways is important. In so doing, he would be creating jobs for thousands and thousands of workers who are now unemployed.

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At least, this is the theory upon which he made the connection between failing infrastructures and the lack of employment.  Can he do it? At the moment all eyes are on confirmation of his choices to help him run government ‘his way,’ but it is in those very choices that we may get a clue as to whether or not his plan is even remotely doable. Where do his picks for key positions stand on these issues?

Most Populous Cities in Major State of Disrepair

According to the news in most of the biggest cities around the nation, infrastructure is in a major state of disrepair. Cities like Chicago where streets and sidewalks are cracking, causing motor vehicles and pedestrians alike to suffer accidents which could be avoidable if they were in good repair, poses a problem on two fronts. The first issue revolves around where to get the budget to make the much-needed repairs. The second problem is from a different vantage point altogether. It is extremely difficult to sue government, so what do those injured parties do if the failing infrastructure is clearly at fault? It is written in the law that government has immunity to being sued, in most cases, so how do you get just compensation? It is a sticky subject because the city doesn’t have the funds to fix the thoroughfares but as a result, someone was injured and oftentimes seriously injured.

Immunity Is Not a Given

Fortunately, immunity is not always a given. There are times when a government body or an individual within that body, can be held accountable. As in the case of a city like Chicago, it would probably take the expertise of a personal injury legal team such as that at Phillips Law Offices. On the other hand, there are so many contingencies and loopholes written into laws that it does take experts in this field to cipher through everything to see if an injured party has any standing under the laws that should be there to protect them, but often end up allowing government to hide behind them.

Getting back to the main point, can President Trump hold true to his campaign promises to rebuild and modernize the nation’s infrastructure that is no longer to be envied by the rest of the world? Other countries have infrastructures far superior to ours and so would most likely not be involved in suits brought against their governments – if allowable at all under their laws! It would take a major budget, agreement in both houses and a willingness of people to go back to work on these projects, but it can be done. Only time will tell, so again, as with most things Trump, it’s wait and see. Mr. President, the nation is watching so let’s hope your promises hold true.