Can You Make Career from Forex Trading?

Trading forex is undoubtedly one of the most popular forms of online trading, perhaps because the forex market itself is one of the largest and most liquid in the world. As such, many people trade different currencies on a daily basis in order to try and profit from fluctuating global exchange rates. Can you make a career from trading forex? Here are some considerations.


One of the hardest parts of forex trading is the volatility which can be associated with currency pairings. The market is exceptionally sensitive to global events like political elections and economic changes, so currencies are constantly changing in value against other currencies.

This means that forex traders must consider exactly how to deal with a currency’s various swings on a daily basis. Volatility can make the market seem difficult to read, but it can also create potentially lucrative opportunities to buy currency cheap or sell it at a higher price (depending on whether it swings up or down in value).


Crucial to having any chance of success in forex trading is learning how to research the currency pairings which you trade. This means looking at its past volatility levels, as well as the main economic and political factors which influence its value. This forms part of the fundamental analysis or looking at the outside factors which affect currency behavior.

Having a good research method means all your investments are researched and well informed, affording you the best chances of success. Many brokers also have handy economic calendars which tell you when important events are coming up.

Trading Strategy

One final necessity to have a career in forex trading is to have a comprehensive, thought out trading strategy which you can apply on a daily basis. Trading strategies differ greatly between different sources, so it is best to learn how to analyse the markets and develop your own.

This forms part of the technical analysis, another component which most traders use on a daily basis to inform their trades. A solid trading strategy prevents you from gambling on trades, by ensuring you are using logic rather than emotion when you invest.

Having a career in forex is possible, but it takes a fair amount of time to become a forex expert. To bring in money consistently, you need to do plenty of research and perhaps practice on a demo account first. Once you have a good, working strategy, then you are well on your way to having an illustrious forex career.