Canada Bus Crash: Indian man gets to 8 years in prison for accident that killed 16

Canada Bus Crash: Indian man gets to 8 years in prison for accident that killed 16: In Canada, an Indian truck driver was sentenced to eight years in prison for causing a bus crash that killed 16 people. The accused was sentenced on Friday and the bus which was hit by his truck was carrying members of a junior hockey team. This incident is considered to be one of the worst disasters in the country’s sporting community.

Indian man in Canada gets 8 years in jail for bus crash

30 year old, Jaskirat Singh Sidhu pleaded guilty in January to 29 counts of unsafe driving triggering death or bodily damage. The incident took place last year on April 6, 2018, when Sidhu’s semi-trailer truck failed to stop at a highway juncture which in result hit the bus which was carrying the Humboldt Broncos hockey team and others en route to a playoff game. In that incident 16 people were killed in which mostly were junior hockey players and injured 13 people on the bus.

On Friday, Sidhu appeared in a Melfort court and the Judge Inez Cardinal while reading out her sentencing decision empathized with the victims’ families and she said, “Most find the pain unbearable.” “Families have been torn apart”, she added, Sidhu received a sentence of eight years for each casualty and five years for each person wounded, to be served at the same time.

Cardinal said no case in Canada look like this one because of the shocking number of dead and injured. She said she knows this has been tough but hopes Sidhu and the casualties’ loved ones can now finally settle.

Families who were present in the court were burst into tears after the sentence was delivered. Some straightway walked out, while on the other hand some watched at the judge’s empty seat at the front of the court.

As per to a settled statement of evidences, Sidhu was the only one responsible for the crash. A forensic crash report found that he didn’t brake at the crossing of Highway 335 and 35 afore hitting the bus.

The report said Sidhu’s opinion of the intersection was not obstructed by any environmental factors like trees near the road or else sun in his eyes and various other factors too.

In court, the judge noted that Sidhu was worried with a panicking tarp covering his truck’s cargo and was unsuccessful to notice road signs. She said a person is not acquitted just because the consequences of their activities are not anticipatable.

She said Sidhu got many chances to stop but he didn’t and said it was unthinkable that he missed the intersection’s many big signs, as well as the flashing lights.

The Humboldt Broncos, in a statement said that the team is grateful that the matter is finally over and that Sidhu got his punishment for his actions.

Sidhu’s sentence was two years shorter than the term prosecuting attorney had sought but is yet the strictest ever handed down in Canada for the charges he confronted.

The Indian national was a legal permanent resident in Canada but he does not have joint citizenship and faces likely banishment after serving his time.