Canada election 2019: Justin Trudeau wins Narrow victory, Set to form Ninority govt

Canada election 2019: Justin Trudeau wins Narrow victory, Set to form Ninority govt :- Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister held on to his job in the election on October 21, securing his spot as one of the few high-profile progressive leaders in the world. He has won a second term as Canada’s Prime Minister after the federal election of the country.

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Trudeau tweeted, “Thank you, Canada, for putting your trust in our team and for having faith in us to move this country in the right direction. Regardless of how you cast your vote, our team will work hard for all Canadians.”

On the other hand, Trudeau is discoloured by scandal as well as has his power diminished. He barely survived a blackface scandal as well as the disclosure that he had required to interfere with a federal corruption prosecution.

His narrow victory means he is going to lead a minority government that will be forced to depend on other parties to govern.

Four years ago, Trudeau’s Liberals, won power with a strong parliamentary majority, were expected by the Canadian Broadcasting Corp in order to form a minority government after a close election battle with the Conservative Party which has been led by Andrew Scheer. That would leave Trudeau to need the support of smaller opposition parties in order to govern.

Justin Trudeau wins Narrow victory

Jonathan Rose, a political science professor at Queen’s University said, “The hype was so great when he ran before, it would be hard to match that. The burden of governing both wore him down and wore voters down.”

In the last week of campaigning, Trudeau also faced a strong challenge from the left-wing New Democratic party, which has been led by Jagmeet Singh, and looked self-assured in order to peel away progressive votes from the Liberals.

But in site of a surge in the polls in the last weeks of the campaign, the NDP was still not able to convert that success into electoral wins. The 44 seats of the party were almost cut in half.

Canada election 2019: Set to form Ninority govt

On Monday, the Liberals were winning in 146 out of 304 electoral districts that had reported results by about 10:30pm Toronto time, as per to the national broadcaster CBC. At that time, Trudeau needed to win 170 seats in order to secure a second majority government.

“We seek hardship for none and prosperity for all, and if we unite around these common goals, I know we can achieve them,” he told cheering supporters in Montreal, stating that Canadians had sent a strong message of support for progressive and liberal policies.