Canon launch EOS 80D camera with EF-S IS USM Lens and Power Zoom Adapter

Canon launch EOS 80D camera with EF-S IS USM Lens and Power Zoom Adapter : Canon which is a popular camera maker has announced all new Canon EOS 80D today. This new camera is the latest edition of popular 70D. Along with the introduction of EOS 80D, company has also announced the EF-S 18-135mm with f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lenses and “Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E1” which is a brand new accessory. We will be discussing these three products in brief today.

Canon EOS 80D-11-970-80

Canon launch EOS 80D camera Specification

Canon EOS 80D:

It features 24.2MP APS C-MOS Sensors which is advancement over its predecessor EOS 70D. It is powered by Digic 6 image processor. This device boards newer ISO range i.e 100-16000 which can be further enhanced up to 25600mAh. Another feature which provides this device an edge over its predecessor is its new 45 point, cross type, auto focus system.

Earlier it was just 19 point and moreover with the new device one also gets the burst mode of 7fps. Company also tout that they have enhanced the video recording quality while talking about the maximum resolution which remains same at 1080p.
Company also claims its handset to be water as well as dust resistant. Even the stereo mic separation is wider this time. Coming to its LCD then there is 3” LCD delivering 1.04 million dots. The LCD is vari-angle and one is also getting 3.5mm ear jack along with the device.

Apart from that Company also proclaims that this device supports connectivity options like NFC, WiFi and video recording @1080p and 60fps frame per seconds. This camera is priced at $1,199 or INR 80,400 approximately.

Canon launch EOS 80D camera Features

EF-S 18-135mm IS USM Lens:

The USP of this Lens is that it is the first lens which features a new type of focusing motor called as Nano USM and hence this Lens has given the name of EF-S IS USM Lens. This motor collaborate the advantage of both ring ultrasonic motor (USM) with lead screw type STM. USM promises high speed focusing while STM delivers smooth and quiet focusing feature.
This Lens is capable enough to deliver auto focus speed up to 4.3X on telephoto and 2.5x for wide angle. It also proffers 4 stoppage for the optical image stabilization. While video recording IS feature let one control the camera shaking.
It just weighs 515grams and measures 3.78inches in length with filter thread size of 67mm. It will be available at the price tag of $600.
Power Zoom Adapter PZ-E1:

Talking about the Power Zoom Adapter then it is locked at the bottom of the lens and hence letting one control the zoom with the help of camcorder like Zoom switch. It can rotate the Zoom at the speed of 2.4 seconds to 14 seconds to complete the focal range.
If one find hard to control the Zoom themselves then there is manual Zoom over-ride which runs on 4AAA batteries. It will only work when the lens is connected with the connector. And if we talk about the connector then for now it is 18-135mm USM.
This adapter is priced at the tag of $150.