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Does Canvas Wrap Print Have an Artistic Value?

There are many different canvas technologies, as well as many different printers used for canvas. Creating a high quality canvas wrap print is down to understanding those technologies and printers and using them to your advantage. Perhaps in more important question is not whether or not these prints can be of quality, since they can if the correct technology is used, it should be whether or not they have any artistic value.

Does a Canvas Wrap Print Have an Artistic Value?

There are four main techniques used for canvas wrap prints. They are:

  1.  Printing on canvas, which is simply a method of wrapping the image. This means 100% of the photograph isprinted on the front of the canvas. The only visible thing on the lateral side is staples, used to put the canvas edges in place.
  2.  Canvas transfer, also known as museum types. This means the white canvas will wrap all the way around the edges until it reaches the back. Then, the staples are hidden on the canvas’ back. The sides can be used in any way you see fit. Some leave them white whereas others paint them in the color of the walls and other still choose the color of the artwork image itself.
  3.  Original oil on canvas. As the name suggests, this means an original piece of art has been created on a canvas, which is then stretched around a frame in any way the artist sees fit.
  4. Gallery stretching. This means a print is made on canvas and it is then stretched all the way to the back of the frame where the staples are hidden. This means that the image itself also covers the side of the frame. This creates almost a 3D effect.

What matters most is how the image is positioned. The most important element of the image has to be stretched so that it sits on the center of the canvas or nobody will understand what it’s art value and target is. Naturally, in some cases, the subject is not the center of the image. It is the fact that it is on the side or in a different location that draws the eye to it. However, evening dose cases, it is vital positioned properly.

So is there an artistic value to canvas wrap prints? It has become a very popular technique for people to print their family photographs on canvas and display those in their homes. In that lies the artistic value period naturally, these prints are not of the same quality as an original work of art that you would see in a museum, but they do not intend to be. Rather, they offer an opportunity for people to display photographs that they took and that there a special meaning for them. As such, they have tremendous artistic value. Firstly, because the individual produces their own photograph, making it a unique image. Secondly, these images are emotive in nature and that is precisely what art is all about.