Car Bomb Attacks : 84 People Died in Baghdad

Car Bomb Attacks : 84 People Died in BaghdadEarly in the morning on Sunday, 84 people were killed and more than 130 others were got seriously injured in the two suicide car bomb attacks. The Two suicide car bomb attacks occured at two crowded commercial areas in Baghdad, capital of Iraq, report officials.

IRAQ Blast 1

One of the two attacks took place in Karrada-Dakhil district, when a suicide bomber detonated his car bomb at a crowded thoroughfare in south central Baghdad, media reports said.

This blast was very powerful. This blast set fire to several nearby shops and destroyed many stalls and civilian cars at the scene. The area was crowded with shoppers who were preparing their families for Eid ul-Fitr.

The another attack was took place at the capital of Iraq  after midnight when a booby-trapped car went off at the Shallal market in Baghdad’s northeastern district of Shaab. In this blast, five people were killed, the media reported.


 The Prime Minister of Iraq Haider-al-Abadi visited at the site of attack on Sunday morning. The Prime minister of Iraq condemned the attack and he vowed to punish the terrorists.

ISIS is the main terrorist group in Iraq which seized the northern and western regions of Iraq in June 2014. Since then Iraq has been hit by a new wave of violence.

Every day in Iraq, the bomb blasts occurs. Many innocent people killed in such blasts