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How Often Should I Change the Cabin Air Filter

When it comes to maintenance of your car, changing a cabin air filter isn’t on your priority list. Maybe, you are not ready to get it done. But the importance of cabin air filters cannot be underestimated as these are responsible for filtering all the air coming through your car’s HVAC system to cabin and protects it from dust and dirt. When you drive, the filters become contaminated and at some point, these need to be replaced after extensive use. The cabin air filters aren’t much popular and spends their life under the shadow of popular cousins like oil filter and the engine air filter. You may come across the poeple who do not even it exits in your car.


What is Cabin Air Filter?

The main responsibility of the cabin air filter is to maintain the clean air in the cabin. It is generally located behind the glove box. The cabin air filter cleans all the air coming through HVAC system to the cabin and protects it from pollutants. In case your repair shop ask them to see the old filter. You will be shocked to the particles attached to it. The dust particles, insects and twigs almost cover the whole surface of the filter.

When to replace

When you speak to the service stations regarding the time interval of the cabin air filter, they are most likely to say that it should be replaced at least once a month. Furthermore, you can consider taking a look at owner’s manual which came with the car. The time interval for the cabin air filter replacement largely depend upon the condition you drive in. If you are a kind to driver who takes his vehicle through the overcrowded areas or stay in big cities then you should get it changed in every six months.

Another important factor to consider is how often you use heater or air conditioner. In case you live in warm areas, you must keeping the a/c on most of the times, you should replace auto cabin filter in every six month. While on the other hand, in case you stay cold places and uses heater frequently then change it in every 12 months. The exact replacement may vary depending on the kms you drive and don’t forget to consider air filter size while making your shopping. Choose the cabin air filter as per your vehicle’s brand or make.

How much it cost?

Generally, the cabin filter costs around Rs. 2000 depending on the vehicle. If you have a high-end vehicle, the cost may increase and installation charges vary from mechanic to mechanic. These days there are several OEM cabin filters which are available to buy online in India. You can browse the online catalogue at https://boodmo.com/