Carlos Chacon: California Plastic Surgeon Gets Murder Charge After Allegedly Refusing to Call 911

Today we are going to talk about very horrible news. Which is coming from California. A California plastic surgeon named Carlos Chacon has been charged with the murder of Megan Espinoza, who died during a boob job. Chacon reportedly ‘left’ the room to attend to other patients as Espinoza lay passing on the operating table. According to DailyMail, Espinoza, 36, suffered a heart attack in December 2018 while undergoing breast boost surgery at Divino Surgery Center in Bonita, San Diego. Chacon was originally charged with forced killing, but the murder charges were added after prosecutors claimed they found additional evidence that his failure was to blame for his death. On Monday, April 10, Chacon appeared in court and claimed not guilty to a charge of second-degree murder.

Carlos Chacon

District Attorney Gina Darvas said that Chacon allegedly failed to dial 911 for more than three hours, banned his staff to do so, and had to attend to four additional patients as Espinoza died, according to DailyMail. Left the operating room. “She cannot provide life-saving treatment to a victim when she is seeing other patients in her practice. We discovered this to be too egotistical,” Darwish said. Espinoza, a mother of two, said Chacon employed an inexperienced nurse to help her anesthetic in an effort to increase income.

California Plastic Surgeon Gets Murder Charge

The arrest affidavit claims that Espinoza suffered a heart attack at about 2.30 a.m. in the middle of surgery, but that Chacon neglected to contact emergency services for help. According to DailyMail, the document states, “Chacon made a conscious decision to control others from providing emergency life-saving efforts on at least 7 experiences.” Chacon reportedly instructed her staff to cover up the true cases of her condition and that of her husband, Moises Espinoza. Darwish testified before the court that even though Chacon called two doctors to pursue guidance on what to do, he did not fully disclose what had happened.

One of the doctors advised him to dial 911 at 5.03 p.m.; However, he did not actually do so until 5.24 pm, more than three hours after the patient had gone into cardiac arrest. According to DailyMail, Darvas said Chacon made a “deliberate decision” to perform the procedure with a nurse who lacked the necessary drug training. Prior to a court appearance on Monday, April 10, Chacon was arrested at his workplace, and Chacon’s bail was only set at $500,000, despite the fact that prosecutors had asked for a $5 million bail amount. Chacon will not be allowed to leave California after his release from custody and must surrender his passport to his lawyer. Espinoza’s family was informed by physicians that they did not expect her to recover neurological function after spending a month in critical condition in the hospital. Espinoza died on January 28, 2019. In December 2022, a settlement was reached between Espinoza’s family and Chacón in their legal argument.

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