CarryMinati Trolled Bigg Boss In Latest Video Check Funny Memes Trolls Jokes & Videos

Indian Youtube personality, Ajeu Nagar aka Carryminatin has made a family of 3.02 crore subscribers on his Youtube channel. He is a trolling star of the Indian Youtube community who has trolled many popular celebrities of India. CarryMinati is a trolling or roasting popular celebrity and also, known as a singer. Well, carry has released many songs in his own voice. CarrryMinati has uploaded so many trending videos on his channel and roasted many peoples in his video in his own style and people like to watch his videos on social media. Along with this, CarryMinati is known as a famous roaster of India but he has shared some videos related to his video games streaming and reaction videos.


By the way, carry uploads his video in the gap of 4-5 months, and “MASSAGE PARASITE” was the last video of CarryMinati on his channel but recently, Ajay Nager came into the limelight again with a new roasting video. This time again, he has taken his talent and art to another level. In the recent video of CarryMinati, he roasted the famous sensations and Salman Khan’s show Bigg Boss 14. Well, he has already trolled the show but again, he has come back with some new concept and content. We have never seen this kind of video before because Carry did not introduce any character in his videos. In the video, Carry introduce the amazing animation which relates to Devil. 

In the new trending video of CarryMinati, he didn’t give a chance to his viewers to get bored because the new concept in his video was absolutely amazing and along with this, he trolled one of the most popular and reality show Bigg Boss 14 in a new way where carry added some animation. He started his video by pointing at Salman Khan’s driving skills. Well, Salman Khan did not show his reaction to this video yet.

In the video, carry showed the new way of trolling to the viewers. Carry gave the title “THE LAND OF BIGG BOSS” to his video and the video was released 18 hours ago and it has captured 1.2 crore views in a single day. Mainly, Ajay Nager roasted fame Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin Bhasin, Jaan Kumar Sanu, Rahul Vaidya, Rakhi Sawant, and Eijaz Khan. Carry called backbencher to Rahul Vaidya but he did not stop at the moment, later, Carry started to roast each and every one of season 14. Everything in the video was amazing and he captured the attention of millions of people with his video. At the end of the video, Carry introduced his new rap to the fans and it was also the amazing part of the video which is also going trend on social media as well.

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