Case Turn Around Totally! Dehleez 13th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

Case Turn Around Totally! Dehleez 13th June 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The last night episode of the TV series Dehleez begins with Simmi says please restore TV connection of her room as they have hidden many things from her but now this will not happen as the TV will be clear everything.

Dehleez episode written updates

Dehleez episode written updates

Everyone leaves and Swadheenta is now busy thinking the Simmi’s words in the funeral of Abhay and Asad. She cries and asks why god is doing all these with my familyis. Everything has changed now and she is alone and she also asked question to god why she is helpless now.

Dehleez 13th June 2016 Episode Written Updates

She searches something in bag and Purnima comes to her and tells she came in temple to pray. She misses Asad. Swadheenta tells she is alone and everyone is against her. Purnima says don’t give up she is with her.

Suhasini gets a courier and tells someone has appealed to court that prosecutor should be removed. She goes in Adarsh’s room. Adarsh says that Swadheentha is fighting this case as they will know each and every in and out of the case. Suhasini says she can’t because she is having relation with Abhay and court will not give more importance to her views as Abhay is her sister.

Jaya tells Suhasini that Simmi is not opening the doo and Jaidev breaks the same and she sees that in the new the news is showing that Swadheenta will save Haider. She panics but Adarsh says that he will be giving justice to Abhay anyhow.

Swadheentha hears all and she said that she is fighting this case not only for Abhay but also for Asad. Lawyer tells Suhasini that from now she will be the public prosecutor. Adarsh watches Swadheenta pinning up the photos of explosion and Asad’s body. Swadheenta asks that she will be making an appealed to make as prosecutor. Swadheenta says she is happy that now truth will come out and he will realize that their opinions were not different.

And Swadheentha says that Abhay was also her brother and it does not matter who will win the case but she only wants the real killer to get the punishment. Suhasini and Swadheenta both works. Now they are ready for Court.
Swadheenta says she knows that they are on opposite sides. She says everybody knows who is terrorist and terrorist is terrorist.