CBSE: Denies Class 12 Board Exam Accounts Paper Leak, Blames it on ‘Mischief’

CBSE: Denies Class 12 Board Exam Accounts Paper Leak, Blames it on ‘Mischief’: – In a key embarrassment which happened for the CBSE student, the Accountancy question paper the 12th STD of the examinations were allegedly leaked on WhatsApp and the other social media accounts on the last  Wednesday evening.

CBSE Denies Class 12 Board Exam Accounts Paper Leak

Since the news of the leak come and declares on the social media on this Thursday morning, the Board went into a group to determine and to take the decision whether the exam should be fragmented and scalped, even as all candidates were in the midst of the three-hour paper.

Class 12 Board Exam Accounts Paper Leak!

Though, the CBSE later denied regarding the issue of any leak of the important question paper. “All the seals have been found intact at all the centers. During the process of examination, however, at local level, some miscreants have tried to play mischief by circulating messages through WhatsApp and social media to disturb the sanctity of the examinations,” the Board stated in their a crucial statement, adding which is lodging an FIR to take strict action against all those these kinds of the activities.

The matter received light and focus post the Delhi education minister Manish Sisodia received the “leaked” paper just a few minutes before the exam was all set to starts in morning at 10:30 am.

In no late, Sisodia immediately called up CBSE head and the education secretary, in order to check the paper and found out that it matched with the Set-II of all Accounts paper. CBSE Class 12 Datasheet 2018

As per various media reports, the paper was leaked in Rohini on the last the Wednesday evening and eventually, this goes circulated in the national capital  Delhi via WhatsApp.

“Have asked officers of Directorate of Education to investigate and lodge a complaint with CBSE. Swift action must be taken, so that hard-working students don’t suffer due to the negligence of CBSE,” Sisodia writes on his official page of the micro-blogging site.

As per a leading media group tries to contact the Union Human Resource and Development ministry, an official statement said that HRD minister Prakash Javadekar has also taken this matter very seriously.

Though the ministry can only step in the post the CBSE will submit a formal report anyway.

“It’s extremely shocking that board paper has been leaked, and that too on social media. This is an absolute travesty of hard work of honest students,” the official told.

A source in the HRD ministry stated about the CBSE has sought for some time to make your mind up to the issue. “Meeting is underway and we have asked them to look into this at top priority. After top panel gives their version, we’ll take whatever action is needful,” he stated further.

On the other side, the Central Board of Secondary Education suspected an insider hand in the leak. “It is impossible for a student to leak a board paper without being in connivance with some insider as Board papers are kept under utmost security and only top officials and teachers are aware of it,” he said.

In the Delhi government official stated, that ideally, the CBSE should annul the exam in some of the massive number of Delhi school students take the exam. “So, it’s an issue for a large number of Delhi government school students,” he said further.