CCTV Footage : Woman dragged & kidnapped by a man near Girls PG in Bengaluru

CCTV Footage : Woman dragged & kidnapped by a man near Girls PG in Bengaluru : A person dragged and tried to kidnap a woman in Bengaluru in a public view. All this small incident caught on a CCTV camera, and now the footage of the video emerges in public and it can be clearly seen, that a man dragged a woman and lifted her away.woman-580x395

The lady was talking on a phone in a public area in that place and then suddenly a man came from back and dragged her. A thirteen-second short video came out after this incident. After the incident, the victim goes to the police station to file a complaint against that man.

Police registered her FIR complaint and filed a case of kidnapping and attempt of rape. After complaining FIR, a local news channel aired that video on their channel. This incident took place in outside of the girl’s Paying Guest accommodation. Manjunath is the owner of that Girl’s PG, and he approached the news channel to telecast that video in their channel.

In this video, it could clearly be seen that victim was walking towards her PG at 9:49 and then suddenly an unidentified man came from behind and dragged her and lifted her away. No one came for her help.

The man also wore a cap in this video. While talking to media, the victim said that ” A man dragged me from behind and lifted me away I cried for help, but no one came later that man tried to abuse me sexually, but when he saw some peoples there and gathered there to see what’s happening then the man fled away.”

The police came to that spot but left without filing any FIR against the accused. But later she added her friends and relatives to submit a complaint.

After telecasting the video, the footage it grabbed the attention of Home Minister. He immediately asked the senior officials of Police to take a strict action against this case. After his orders, DCP Lokesh Kumar held a meeting with their staff.

Lokesh Kumar said that they had filed a case of 365 section,354A section and341 section against that man and they will catch him as soon as possible.