Centre vs CBI Highlights: Rahul Gandhi courts arrest, BJP says Congress left with no issues

Centre vs CBI Highlights: Rahul Gandhi courts arrest, BJP says Congress left with no issues: Indian National Congress president Rahul Gandhi was arrested by Delhi police on 26th October 2018 while protesting in national capital Delhi, demanding the reinstatement of CBI director Alok Verma, who was sent on leave and was denied from his directorial powers earlier this week. Rahul Gandhi, who was in the custody of Lodhi Colony Police Station, has now been released.

Rahul Gandhi said that PM Modi is destroying our country and for covering it up he is attacking every Institution in India and he also gave the reason behind it by saying that the only reason is, giving Rs. 30,000 Crore to Anil Ambani by PM Modi. He quoted by saying, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has destroyed each and every institution in the country. Be it the CBI or the election commission. He is attacking each and every institution. And there is one reason behind it – Chowkidar chor hai. He has put Rs. 30,000 Crore in Anil Ambani’s pocket”.

The protest to the CBI headquarters was also joined by the leading congress leaders who also claimed for an apology from PM Modi. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh also reacted to the protest by saying, “The congress doesn’t have any people’s issues to raise which is why they are taking up these non-issues. We should wait for the investigation report”.

On 26th October, Friday, the Supreme Court has ordered CVC (Central Vigilance Commission) to complete its probe on Alok Verma and his assistant Rakesh Asthana within 14 days. A panel of three judges is being supervised by CJI Ranjan Gogoi, earlier on the same day he also heard Verma’s appeal challenging the government orders. They appointed former judge justice retired AK Patnaik to Supervise the CVC Inquiry.

Case Study:

This whole matter rose when Rakesh Asthana complained to the cabinet secretary claiming wrongdoing by Alok Verma on August 24, the matter was then referred to CVC. Later, in its investigation on 21st September, CVC got to know from CBI that Asthana was facing investigation in six cases of corruption. On 15th October CBI lodged FIR against Rakesh Asthana, Devender Kumar, who is Deputy Superintendent of Police along with Manoj Prasad (who is Dubai-Based investment banker) and his brother Somesh Prasad with bribery allegations. On October 16, CBI arrested middleman Manoj Prasad. After this, on 20th October, CBI raided Kumar’s residence, office and his headquarters along with seizing his mobile phones and ipads. CBI arrested Kumar on 22nd October 2018 for giving false statement. On 23rd October, Kumar moved to High Court for suppressing the FIR lodged against him. Hours later, Asthana too moved to the HC for the same appeal. Dehli trail court has sent Kumar to 7 Day CBI custody. On October 24, Verma moved to Supreme Court against government orders and asked them for hearing his plea on 26th October. On 25th October, NGO Common Cause filed PIL in Supreme Court seeking SIT investigation into charges of corruption against CBI officers as well as Asthana. On 26th October, SC directed CVC to complete probe against Verma within two weeks. The judges also heard to his plea. The court will hear Rakesh Asthana plea on 29th October 2018.