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Chain Bracelets vs. Bangle Bracelets

Bracelet is one of the most elegant fashion accessories,which has emerged over time and is loved by both women and girls. They come in different metals (platinum bracelets, Gold bracelets etc.) and shapes and can be teamed up with both the Indian and western outfits.

The word bracelet comes from the French word “brachialle”, which actually means armlet. If you want to know the difference between a bangle and a bracelet, then bangles are solid but bracelets are flexible. They are draped around the wrist and are either stretchable or have some form of a clasp to close them.

There are many types of bracelets available in the market, but the two forms that are most common are chain bracelets and bangle bracelets

Bangle Bracelet

They resemble a bangle and are generally worn in multiples similar to bangles. They can either be a closed ring with no opening or one that has a normal tongue clasp. These bracelets are very popular across the age groups mostly because of their versatility. When worn in multitude, they cling and women normally love the sound of it. As they come in various colours and materials, they can be teamed up with both ethnic and casualoutfits.

Chain Bracelet

These bracelets consist of a series of chain links that goes around the wrist. They come in sleek sophisticated chains or little broad ones and mostly look good with jeans. There is a vast variety available in terms of size, shape and material of the links used to form chains. If you buy a chain bracelet in any precious metal, you can even team it up with your evening gown.

Which Is Better?

Whether you buy a bangle or a chain bracelet, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Choose the one according to your wrist. Some people have round wrists, while others have slim ones. Those having rounded wrists should go for a wide bracelet to slim down the look of their wrists. For them, going for a bangle bracelet makes more sense.

Again, the skin tone also plays an important role in choosing a bracelet as it sits right against the skin. The skin tones can be broadly classified as warm, cool and neutral. Gold bracelets complement those with warm skin tone. Bronze colour bracelets also look good on the warm skin tone. The cool skin tone gets complemented by silver colour bracelets or thin and pale chain bracelets. If you are blessed with a neutral skin tone, then you can experiment with whatever you want. Both silver and gold colour suits this skin tone.

If you want to buy a small, functional bracelet for everyday style, then you can either go for thin banglegold bracelets or chain bracelets with gemstones. These look elegant and classy without causing any distraction.

Both chain and bangle bracelets come in various styles and materials and it is up to you to decide depending on your personality and preference.