Ashoka steps forward! Chakarvartin Ashoka Samrat 19th August 2016 Written Updates

Ashoka steps forward! Chakarvartin Ashoka Samrat 19th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Bindusaar saying that what is it important for you to leave right know and without informing me? Dharma says I know you trust me, so give me this coin.


Chakarvartin Ashoka Samrat Written Updates

On the other side, Sushim was seen polishing his sword. Charumitra comes and asked him what he is doing? Sushim says that he is not fooling like Ashok and Bindusaar and will kill one of them when they will come back from the war.

On the other side, Dharma and Acharya Radha Gupta were discussing. Radha Gupta told Dharma that this will be dangerous for your life. Dharma says I don’t worry, you just tell me the way to how to go there.

Meanwhile, Ashok was looking for her mother and asked one of his soldiers. On the other side, Radha Gupta asked Dharma to wait as he has to leave a message to divert others, so they will not follow us.

Ashok soon reached In RG’s room and he found there a message and he came to know that Dharma went to Ujjain to meet Vikatkura. Ashok informs about this to his father and asked for his permission to save his mother.

Bindusar told him that they will go to Ujjain to save their Dharma and also their motherland. On the other side, Radha Gupta asked dharma to walk in a similar direction. But in their way, they saw a man dragging women and Dharma said I cannot see a woman in pain and I have to stop him and she went to save her.

Then, a soldier informs Vikatkura that a woman has come from a Magadh. Dharma asked Vikatkura to fight a warrior from Magadh and if he will win then all land will become him.

Meanwhile, Vikatkura informs Dharma that she has cheated him as Magadh army has come her. Then, Dharma assured him that she will save him from Magadh office.

Then, Dharma walked toward Maghad army and Dharma slapped him and all went in shock.


In the upcoming episode, Dharma will tell Bindusar Vikatkura agrees to fight with him. Then, Ashoka came forward and Sushim thinks that Ashoka will now death.