Ashoka Gets Angry! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 12th September 2016 Written Updates

Ashoka Gets Angry! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 12th September 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Devi noticing a scorpion was moving toward Ashoka. She warns Ashoka but Ashoka was unconscious and scorpion bites him and he falls down.


On the other side, Bindusar told Charumitra that Charu you are right that life does not stop when we lose someone. Bindusar asked Charumitra to go to Chanda’s place. Sushim took the blessing of his father and thinks I know where you want to send me but I will try hard to make sure that you plan will backfire you. Bindu thinks I was not able to save the mother of Ashok but I will not spare the enemies of my motherland.

Meanwhile, Devi checks Ashoka’s feet and find his leg thumb was turned blue. She teared up her saree and ties it to Ashoka’s thumb to not allow the poison to spread.

Shaimak came to meet Bindusar and touches his feet. Shiamak asked Bindusar for his permission to leave this place. Bindusar told him to do whatever he thinks right. Bindusar thinks me wish I could tell you to not shed these crocodile tears. Shiamak asked for the authority letter of Takshila. Bindusar told him to wait for some. Shiamak thinks he knows that Bindusar will never give him authority letter and that’s why he already stole it. Then, he goes from there.

Bindusar asked Acharya Raghupta to stop Sushim with his troops and he himself will leave to stop the Shiamak with his troops. Acharya Radha Gupta attacked Sushim and his men. Bindusar attacked Shiamak with his troops.

Sushim fights and runs from there and Acharya Radha Gupta watches him go. Bindusar was fighting hard with Shiamk’s man but he failed to stop Shiamk. Army asked Bindusar to return to his place.

On the other side, Ashok was sitting silent and was thinking about her mother. Acharya Radha Gupta told Bindusar that it is important for Ashok to get up and fight with Sushim and Siamak. Devi gets angry and asked Ashok to wake up.

Devi told Ashok that he is very irresponsible and did not care about his duties towards his father and motherland. She blames Ashok for disappointing his mother after her death. She asked Ashok to wake up do the rest of the rituals of Dharma.

Ashok wakes up and went to Dharma’s left. Pandit asked him to just picks the left of Dharma’s body and asked him to not pick her jewellery. Ashok picks Dharma’s ashes and found a diamond and think it of a male. Ashok recalls how his father and he left Dharma alone for some time and thinks maybe someone killed her mother.


In the upcoming episode, A man will show a jewellery design to Ashok and told him that this diamond belongs to Unan. Ashok asks him to tell the name. That man, says its Rajkumar Siamak. Ashok says Siamak count your last breath and this time not Ashok but his Kaal will be standing against him.