Epic Episode! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15 August 2016 Written Updates

Epic Episode! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15 August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Bindusar gives an option to Jagannath to tell him a thing, that he loves more that his hate for Ashoka. Jagannath says he hates Ashoka most in the world and he will never give him his permission to marry her daughter.


Kaurvaki cries and Devi ask her to calm down. Meanwhile, Dharma gets busy in preparing the marriage for his son. She does all the rituals and asked pandit to bring all te necessary things for marriage.

Ashoka hears about this announcement of his father and became happy. Jagannath always tries to interfere in all the things going around. He shows no interest in any of the things going around him.

MEnahwile, Bindusar also present there and keep updating Jagannath about his proposal and again asked him to say a word that he likes moths in the world and he will give him that for the sake of his son’s happiness.

Jagannath again says that he hates Ashok most in the world and there is nothing in the world that can stop hating the Ashoka. Meanwhile, Dharma was preparing some kind of Masala nd she notices that the color of the massal turns into the bloody color.

Dharma shouts and says how the color can change. Jagannath came there and told them that this is ab shogun and it means that their wrong will happen in the marriage of Ashok and Kaurvaki and it’s a bad sign, so we all shout stop this marriage.

Then,Bindusar arrives there and told Jagannath that nothing will happen to this marriage and he will take care of everything.

In the next scene, Binduisar informs Ashoka that he has controlled Sushi mind her mother from creating any kind of problem. Then, it shows that Bindusar told Sushim that If you don’t interfere in that marriage then I will definitely make you the King.

Then, Sushim says that I will just wait for the marriage of the Ashok and Kaurvaki, then I will destroy everyone.