Siamak is taken aback! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd August 2016 Written Updates

Siamak is taken aback! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with Bindusar asking dharma why she did this. Dharma says for me my son’s marriage has higher priority. You did extremely well what an idol father can do. And, I also know that Ashoka will definitely go against his parents to save his motherland and I don’t want to shed a lot of blood of sons of others mothers.


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd August 2016 Written Updates

Charumitra thinks Dharma is a fool, but Bindusar appreciated Dharma and told her that she did what a true warrior does and she does not threaten her own life, but she even think to save the blood of other’s life and this makes a true warrior. Bindusar also apologizes for slapping her and told her that he got worried for her.

Dharma says Vikatkura has accepted the challenge to fight a single warrior and this will help in saving the life of other warriors. Bindusar says but who will fight with him? Ashoka steps forward and says I will.

Sushim thinks Ashoka has invited his own death. Next morning, Kaurvaki was thinking to meet Ashoka for the last before his fight. Devi says Kaki has told you to not meet Ashoka before marriage as it is against the tradition. But, Kaurvaki says this is the importnt fight for him and I have to meet him.

Ashok was all set to leave for the war. Dharma does his aarti and asked to do Vijay Tilak on Ashok’s head. Kaurvaki came there with a veil on her head and asked for permission so that she can tie a Raksha sutra on Ashok’s arm. Dharam worries but Bindusar allowed her to tie the Raksha Sutra. Kaurvaki tied Rakha Sutra on the wrist of Ashok and touches his feet.

Dharma asked Devi to also tie Raksha sutra as it will give more blessing to Ashok. Ashok went to war. Vikatkura came there and they both began their fight. Jaganath taunts Dharma nd told her that Ashok will die today. Sushim and Shayamak were looking happy as they were thinking that today Ashok will die.

Fight began. Vikatkur throws the net on Ashok and he fell down. But, later he came back and when Vikatkura said something about Dharma, Ashok killed him and Ashoka title track plays. Everyone cheers for Ashoka and Ashoka fold his hand against his parents.


In the upcoming episode, Bindusar announces that Ashok will become the Principal of Ujjain and Sushim will be declared the Yuvraj of Magda. Shayamak steps back in shock