Ashoka Helps Devi! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd September 2016 Written Updates

Ashoka Helps Devi! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd September 2016 Written Updates :- After a long struggle, Ashoka finally avenges his mother’s death by strangling Siamak to death. Mahamatya Khallatak betrays Sushim and manages to escape alone. However, Sushim’s presence remains unnoticed by everyone, which gives him the advantage of hearing Siamak’s truth, that he isn’t Bindusara’s son. Ashoka, on the other hand, returns to the cave to meet Kaurwaki.


Further, the last night episode of the TV series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat showcases that Ashoka and Saimak fight with each other in which AShoka finally kill Saimak and he also declares that now he complete the avenge of his Maa Dharma’s murder.

He also announced that now he will be only focus on the mission of his Akhandh Bharath. Now Ashoka asked R J Acharya to collect the dead body of Saimak and Acharya went there to collect same. Sushim is hanging there in the rope and he sigh that Acharya RJ did not see him unless he would have been kill him too.

Ashoka is now wounded and Acharya R J asked him to take rest now to feel in cave for a while that Kaurvaki is coming, on the other hand she is also waiting for Ashoka in spite Ashoka is married with Devi but still she is keen for Ashoka.
Meanwhile, Ashoka sees someone is coming and he pleased to think it must be Kaurvaki but eventually he goes upset and shocked to see that instead of Kaurvaki it is actually Devi is coming.

Devi is happy to see that Ashoka won and he embraced Ashoka by saying you win and you are my husband.

Precap: Devi is trying to clear some space when her hand gets hurt by a thorn. Ashoka helps her and hugs her. Kaurvaki witnesses it and drops the water pot in shock.