Dharma is shocked! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th August 2016 Written Updates

Dharma is shocked! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th August 2016 Written Updates :- The show starts with everyone looking shocked at both Jagannath and Bindusaar. But, Bindusaar ensured every family member that this was a friendly fight. Jaganath agrees with him and told others that tomorrow our relation is going to change, so we both decided to finish everything before tomorrow.


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Written Updates

Dharm looks tensed and she asked both Ashok and Kaurvaki that what they are doing around here. She asked them to get away as this is unconscious if they will meet each other before their marriage. Devi apologises on their behalf and told Dharma that they were concerned about their father.

Devi asked Kaurrvaki why Ashok is upset with her? She tells her that Ashok is always upset with me. Devi told her that do you even knows how hard Ashok tried to meet her. Kaurvaki feels sorry and apologises to Devi.

Meanwhile, Ashok was sleeping and Kaurvaki reached there. She removes her shawl and sits on the bed with Ashok. She kisses Ashok and he smiles I sleep. Kaurvaki turns back but Ashok holds her hand.

Kaurvaki told Ashok that she came her to apologise. Ashok replies she did apologise to her but does she asked him whether he forgive her or not. then, they both hugged each other and a shawl covered their face.

But a pot falls down and it created a noise. Then, Devi and Dharma came there and saw this. Kaurvaki says I came here to apologise to Ashok. Devi consoles Dharma that nothing wrong will happen with both of them as she is there to help them.

After that Ashok found, Lasendra in his room. He asked her to go away. Lasendra told Ashok that she helped him and told him about Shayamak and Sushim doing the robbery. Ashok told her everything about his plan and told her that his father is also supporting him and he will kill both Sushim and Shayamak after his marriage.

Charumitra hears this all and informs Sushim about this. Sushim gets angry and went to kill Bindusar, but Charumitra stopped her by slapping her. Bindusaar came there and gave Sushim something. Sushim hugs Bindusaar tightly and Bindusaar was the little bit shocked. Sushim asked Shayamak to get out as now their way separates.

Sushim says after marrying to Chanda, I will bring my army and will kill both Sushim and Bindusaar. Next morning, everyone came together for marriage. Chanda was looking beautiful and her mother took her for marriage.

On the other side, a storm comes and Sage witness this and say this is the sign of something bad is going to happen. He says the red colour of the sky will turn into the blood of many soldiers.


In the upcoming episode, Devi ask Dharma which girl will replace Kaurvaki? No girl can replace Kaurvaki. Dharma says there is one girl who can replace Kaurvaki. Devi ask who? Kaurvaki say you. Devi looks her in shock.