Dharma Shouts Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2nd September 2016 Written Updates

Dharma Shouts Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2nd September 2016 Written Updates :- In the last night episode of the TV series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat, it has been shown Ashoka scolded Kaurwaki fOR insulted Devi. Actually, after Devi’s wedding with Ashoka Devi thinks to meet with Kaurvaki for sake of her friendship with her. Ashoka is feeling guilt for marrying Devi as he thinks that he uses Devi.

Ashoka Samrat

Devi thikns that he will be there to support Ashoka as his wife and Ashoka also announced that he will be fulfil all the dreams of Devi as her husband. He also promised to Devi that he will be giving all the rights to Devi for being his wife.

Kaurwaki loses her temper on seeing Devi and starts accusing her of back-stabbing, but Ashoka backs Devi and confronts Kaurwaki for insulting his wife. Jagannath is pleased to watch Ashoka and Kaurwaki quarrel like enemies.

Kaurwaki also cursed Devi as she is married to Ashoka now for which Ashoka arrives and he asked to Kaurwaki that nobody have right to tell anything to my wife Devi, especially if anybody from Kalinga will be do so he won’t leave him.

Kaurwaki cursed Devi, Ashoka and Magadh area. Charumitra is worried about Sushim’s future, as she has put her life at stake while performing a ritual to destroy Ashoka’s marriage. Will Charumitra’s sacrifices be paid off in Sushim’s favour or will Ashoka succeed in overthrowing Sushim in the crux of the story it will be clear.

Devi is feeling guilty to be Ashoka’s wife as for her Ashoka’s love for Kaurwaki is incredible. Devi also asked to Rani Dharma that she can’t take Kaurvaki’s place in the Ashoka’s life about which Rani Dharma asked to her that you will not take Kaurwaki’s place.

You are now married to Ashoka to follow all the duties of being wife and to create your own place in the Ashoka’s life which should not take over by anyone. Devi gives nod and Rani Dharma asked her to follow the rules of the most important ‘Milan Ki Raat’.