Ashoka & Kaurvaki Get Engaged! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ashoka & Kaurvaki Get Engaged! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show stars with Devi putting Kaurvaki’s hand in a bowl to get her hands heal. Later, she asked Kaurvaki that how this happen? Kaurvaki told her that it’s uptan that she burned her hand from the uptan.


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Episode Written Updates

Then, Devi mixes lemon in the uptam and its’ color goes change and she thinks that someone must have done with Upton. And, she recalls Anandini was there in the kitchen and next minute, she went to Anandini’s room.

Devi slaps Anandini and asked her why she had done this ? And also threatens her by acting like she will she will throw the uptan on her face. Anandini feels fear and hides her face.

Then, Devi told her that she did not realize what impact this uptam would have made on the life of Ashoka and Kaurvaki. She also told her that, if she would love Ashoka, then she must have left this place.

Devi handed over the bowl of uptam in the hand of Anandini and asked her to not show her face again. Anandini started crying. Devi left that place.

On the other side, Vit was helping Ashoka in getting ready. Ashoka asked him why you are helping me? Vit replied that if Lakshman can do it for his Ram, then why can not he?

Ashoka gets emotional after hearing this. Then, Vit started teasing Ashoka as he told him ” Today you will get your Sita and shyness does not suit you. Kaurvaki is really looking very beautiful and I am going to see her.” Ashok asked him to get ready first.

On the other side, Kaurvaki was finding it difficult to wear the Kamarbandh with the wound on her hand. Ashok reached there and asked what happened to her hand and blows her hand.

Kaurvaki told him that she is fine now. Then, Ashoka turned Kaurvaki show, so he can help in wearing the Kamabandh, but Kaurvaki told him that she should not have come there. Ashoka replies they both are getting married and he has right to meet her.

Kaurvaki told him that she is getting ready, but Ashoka asked her ” he think you and me were ready for this since our childhood.” Kaurvaki turns and both share some romantic moment.

Both started looking into each other’s hand and Ashoka promised that he will always try to make her happy and will always trust her. Then, he helps her in wearing Kamarbandh and asked to sit and also helped her in wearing rest of the jewelries.

Vit sees this and smiles. Soon, Devi reached there and closes eyes of Vit and was watching the romance of Ashoka and Kaurvaki. Soo, Dharma came there and closes the eyes of Devi and was happy to see Ashoka and Kaurvaki together.

Then, Devi went into the room and coughs and asked Ashoka to give her the permission to help the Kaurvaki in getting ready. Ashoka series and leave from there and was shocked to see his father, mother, and Vit standing outside.

Bindusar along with Vit teases Ashoka, but Dharma asked them to stop teasing her daughter. Ashoka asked her mother to bless him as he is entering into the new phase of his life.

Meanwhile, Devi notices that kaurvaki was sad and questioned her does she is missing her parents? Kaurvaki told her that ” she never thought that she has to pay big sacrifice to get separated from her parents to be with Ashok, but Ashoka is aggressive and she can help him to achieve his dream.”

Devi says no one can take the place of your parent but if your mother would have been here, then she would have marked the Kala Teeka on your face. She took Kaala Teeka from her eyes and put it on the neck of Kaurvaki and also did the ‘Aarti’ of Kaurvaki.

In the next scene, Chanda was seen worshipping the Lord Shivaya. Kaurvaki reached there and told her that she came here to warn here that Sushim is not a good guy and Chanda is doing a mistake to marry her. Chanda says she knows everything about Sushim and she came here to change him and will try her best to be a good wife and will change Sushim.

In the last scene, everyone was seen gathered in the courtroom for the engagement of Sushim and Ashoka. Chanda reached there with her parent and then, Kaurvaki also reached there alone. Kaurvaki and Ashoka were looking each other.


In the next episode of Ashoka, fans will witness that Jagannath comes there and shouts Kaurvaki, just when Ashok and Kaurvaki were about to0 get engaged.