Chandra Nandini 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Chandra & Nandini Argument

Chandra Nandini 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Chandra & Nandini Argument :- The historical come periodic TV series Chandra Nandini is yet to showcase now that Alexander is yet to arrive in India after learning about her proposed marriage, Nandini sets a condition. Meanwhile, Chanakya realizes that Chandragupta is fitted to be a king. Later, the news of Alexander’s visit to India reaches Chanakya.


Anyway the last night episode of the TV series Chandra Nandini further showcases that Gautami Bhabhi goes to her husband spent some quality time with each other. Nandini is watching them together and smiling.

Chandra and Parvatak are sitting and speaking with the Acharya Chanakya and Chandra asked Acharya that he is always there to support the Praja and the kingdom which makes Chanakya impress on him and he asked to Parvatak that Chandra is having every single quality which a king suppose to have. Parvatak annoyed with Chandra now.

Gautami Bhabhi asked Maha Raj that now we should think of Nandini’s wedding but Nandini asked Maha Raj that she is ready to tie the knot but she will marry the person who will be able to defeat her brother Dharam Bhaiya and Nandini asked the Maha Raj that it is her condition.

Raja gives nod to the Nandini’s condition but he also asked his son Dharam when he said to Raja that nobody can defeat me but Raja said that Parvatak can defeat you and I want him to marry my daughter Nandini.

Now Parvatak asked Chandra that he is the real king that is why he has been invited by the Maha Raja to attain the Swyamver ceremony of Rajkumari Nandini and Chandra asked to him that he can go as Chandra is no interested in attaining the ceremony.

But Chanakya asked to Parvatak that till now his education has not been complete so now he can’t go to attain the Swyamver ceremony of the Rajkumari Nandini which annoyed Parvatak. Gautami Bhabhi now asked Nandini that Rajkumar Parvatak is coming to marry you and Nandini think to stop him.

Maha Raja announced that his daughter Nandini is more important to him than this Bharath and he throws the map of the Bharath. He is not aware of it that till than Alexander already arrives in the Bharath and he also throws the map of the Bharath.

Chanakya asked Chandra actually need a strong contender as the king who can actually protect the country from the foreign invasion. Chanakya thinks that it is Chandra is perfect to be the king of the country. Nandini, on the other hand, tries to attack Parvatak in the fake disguise of man as Parvatak is here to marry her.

In the mean time, Nandini now encounters with Chandra considering him as the Rajkumar Parvatak and both now bump with each other.

Precap: Chandra and Nandini get in argument n Chandra removes her fake mustaches n sees her face to gets stunned looking at her beauty.