Charu Decides to Kill Ashoka! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 1st March 2016 Written Updates

Charu Decides to Kill Ashoka! Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 1st March 2016 Written Updates :- The historical TV series “Chakravarti Ashoka Samrat” episode starts with Bindu tells Ashoka he is proud of him as he fulfilled all your responsibilities here in Takshshila. Ashoka says one thing is left. He keeps the statue of lion upright and says Jai Janani! This statue is of power.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 1st March 2016 Written Updates

Now Ashoka narrates about the power gives stringent to the weak; it gives equal right to everyone; makes everyone understand their strength. This is a symbol of the strength that comes out of unity, patience and faith. If we follow this in our life then we can do well for everyone. Ashok also describes about the Hindustan that it would be a powerful nation and no one will be able to stop the nation from being powerful.

Now Charu asks the Daasi’s to complete the preps for Abhishek. Samrat must be on his way. Helena tells her that no preps will work in their way. Charu says it doesn’t matter if Ashoka is alive. As it will be Sushim who will be the final successor of the kingdom as the Samrat also announced that.

Charu is happy for Sushim but anxious for why Bindu did not come, and Charu looking forward for Bindu. Now Charu said it does not matter if Ashoka killed Kichak. It will now affect your successor ship. Don’t be sad. Sushim says I am feeling helpless and not sad. Everyone was cheering for Ashoka and everybody is proud of Ashoka as Ashoka killed Kichak.

Now Sushim said to Charu that I’m worry for myself and my recognition as Ashoka proved himself worthy to kill the evil things and he is literally saving the right things. Sushim feels jealous on Ashoka.

Sushim angrily covers his ears as the cheers of Ashoka echo in his head. I cannot bear it all. Ashoka has got so much fame and respect. It is biting me from inside. It is running inside me like poison. Also the Kalinga’s king decided united Kalinga’s princess with Ashoka which makes Sushim angrier.

So Sushim is now burning in the anger of revenge from the Ashoka. To know what happen next don’t forget to catch tonight episode of the historical TV series “Chakravarti Samrat Ashoka”at 9:00 PM only on the Colors TV.