Check Hrithik Roshan Kangana Ranaut Key Evidence E-Mails Conversation

Check Hrithik Roshan Kangana Ranaut Key Evidence E-Mails Conversation :- Finally Hrithik Roshan deposited copies of all the Email and chats to police which is sent to him by Kangana Ranaut. The war between Kangana and Hrithik Roshan rises because  their hidden relationship .Both send legal notice to one another. The story starts when Hrithik Roshan sent legal notice to Kangana Ranaut and said that she should say sorry to him publicly and if she do not do that then Hrithik roshan will shows all the emails and chats publicly.2aa79e7afa9c46c5b2fbe33e42209fd7-650x381

And then after this legal notices Kangana said if Hrithik took not his case back then she will also uploads all the photos and all the mails that Hrithik sent to her. This whole matter is investigating by inspector Kalpana Gadekar. But Kalpana Gadekar is not saying anything about this matter to media.

Now Hrithik Roshan legal team have 10 points against Kangana Ranaut. Firstly they said that Hrithik Roshan is unaware about the id from whom Kangana was chatting. Another point is that forensics reportedly not found any evidence that Hrithik associated with that fake id.

But on this Kangana previously said that Hrithik made an another account to chat with her so that no legal issues come between the divorce with his wife. But forensics report says that Hrthik Roshan is not associated with that id.

In the 4th point Kangana said that Hrithik proposed her in January 2014 in Paris but Hrithik said that he did not travel to Paris in such particular period. And now it’s about to be 1 month now Kangana did not shows any pictures to suggest that she and Hrithik are in relation. Their are so many points that Hrithik team prepare against Kangana

This matter is now goes towards Hrithik’s side. Everyone is now waiting for Kangana’s answer over it.