Check Out! First poster of Akshay Kumar’s Upcoming Rustom Movie

Check Out! First poster of Akshay Kumar’s Upcoming Rustom Movie : The real Superhero Akshay Kumar’s Rustom is going to blow the mind of all. Before that Have a look at the first poster of the film Rustom here. In the first poster, it contains the word TRAITOR with two question marks in red bold font. Why is he accused of being a Traitor? Has he betrayed someone or what is the story behind this accusation? Find it in your near theaters on 12th August 2016.

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The second poster of the movie, Akshay is in the Navy uniform and it is written Patriot with two question marks and an old newspaper with some news and a photograph of Lots of Navy men. Has his Patriotism had questioned? What is the reason of Rustom’s Patriotism and integrity were questioned?

Eager to know the answer. This is not it guys this real incident based story has lots more to say and there are so many questions which will be answered on 12th August.


Akshay is not alone in the film, Actresses Ileana D’Cruz and Esha Gupta are Akshay’s co-stars in Rustom. In the third poster, Akshay is in the Navy uniform with hat lied down hiding his eyes and in the Backgroud the actor is romancing with Ileana D’Cruz. Also, There is a statement saying 3 Shots that shocked the nation. What are those shots?


In the last Poster, Akshay is standing with a gun in his head. He is looking guilty of killing someone. There is also a shadow that has Ileana D’Cruz with someone behind. Who is that person? Is that one whom Rustom has killed? Also, There is the actress Esha in the extreme Right corner.


Rustom is a romantic thriller based story of a Naval Officer K M Nanavati who murdered his wife’s lover and then subsequently turned himself in .The film also features, Ileana D’cruz, Esha Gupta and Arjan Bajwa.

The film is written by Vipul K Rawal and is directed by Tinu Suresh. Film is decided to release in theaters on 12th August this year.