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Checklist For Out Of State Relocation

Relocating out of state is tough and can be extremely stressful. To make everything a bit easier, you should create a checklist. The best checklist will include everything you need to do and when you should be doing it.

8 Weeks Before Moving

In the two months before you move, there are a lot of things that you should be doing. The first is to create a realistic moving budget that you will be able to stick to. Out of state, moving is not cheap, and the price increases with the distance you have to travel. When creating your budget, you should include the costs of the movers; packing materials, accommodation, and how you are going to travel then pad this by 10%.

After you have a rough budget, you will need to research cross country moving companies. These companies will need to have a DoT number and be reliable. You do not want to hire a company that will not arrive on time. It is recommended that you get estimates from at least three different companies to compare prices and service quality.

If you have children, you will need to look for a new school at this point and notify their current school about the move. Some websites rate the school districts and schools based on standardized testing, making it easier to find a new school. Once you have found a school, you will need to get your child’s records from their current school and start the enrolment process.

The last step is to create a plan of action for the rest of the move. This will include clearing out everything you do not need and making an inventory of everything you are moving to your new home. Your plan should also detail what you are going to pack and when you should be done. The collection of important documents from doctors should also be included in your plan.

4 Weeks Before Moving

In the month before you move, you need to change your mailing address. You can do this with USPS online, and you need to do this before you move to ensure no mail is lost. If your new home is empty, you can start forwarding mail at this point.

At this point, you should also secure your living arrangements. While this is something that should be taken care of as early as possible, you will need to finalize everything now. You also need to contact the utility companies in your new state.

When you contact these companies, you need to schedule the date when everything will be turned on. If you leave this too late, you could arrive at the property only to find it without electricity or water. You should also contact cable and internet providers to ensure you do not have to wait for this.

2 Weeks Before The Move

In the weeks before the move, you will need to confirm with the cross country moving company you have chosen. You need to verify the date and pick-up time with the company. If you are shipping your car, you will need to prepare it for transport at this time.

You also need to finish packing while leaving only the essentials out. All of your boxes should be labeled by room, and you should have a list of what is in each box. You should also create a photographic inventory of your goods. This is also the best time to clean out the fridge and not get any new food.

During this time, you also need to prepare for the moving day. This includes ensuring you have enough cash and have your accommodation and travel arrangements finalized. You should also pack an overnight bag that has everything you need for the first 24 hours in your new home. After all, you will not want to rummage through boxes to find everything after you have moved in.

Moving out of state can be a very stressful event, but having a moving checklist can take some of the pressure off you. Your checklist should be divided based on when you need to take action. You should also include everything in your checklist, no matter how small to ensure everything is under control.