Chennai Two medical Students Who threw a Dog From the terrace of a Building

Chennai Two medical Students Who threw a Dog From the terrace of a Building :- The scary incident was held in Chennai on Monday when a medical student threw a Dog from the terrace of a building. A vidoe of this cruelty incident on dog will come out on the social media.


The man namely Gautam Sudarshan has thrown away a dog from the terrace of a building. He is a medical student from the Madha Medical College. He is a month away from becoming a doctor.

An Activist Antony Rubin confirmed the face of Kundrathur in slow motion video at the time of police investigation on Monday night. Gautam Sudarshan and his friend Ashish Pal has been granted bail by the district court of Chennai. This act has put the animal rights activists in panic. Now the activist have decided to appeal the verdict.


This incident was sparking massive outrage on Social media.  Gautam Sudarshan has been arrested by the local police on Wednesday. When the local Police went to arrest the medical student, then the parents of the students were absconded to their hometowns in Tirunelveli and Nagercoil. His parents also switched off their phones to hide at undisclosed location.

The police apprehended Gautam Sudarshan and the video maker Ashish Pal and produced them in the court. The Dog has found alive and got severe injury. Dog is currently under medical treatment at a hospital.

Alokparna Sengupta who is the Deputy Director of HSI said that this type of cruelty against animal is a sign of devil. More she added according to the laws that the offenders could be free by giving a very small amount of fine of Rs 10 or max Rs 50. We are asking the Ministry of environment and Forests (MoEF) to increase the penalties for animal cruelty.

Veterinary doctors said the dog is out of danger now and the dog got two fractures.  One fracture is on the hind leg and the other is on the spine. An Activists who rescued the dog have named the dog as ‘Bhadra’. The dog is now unable to walk properly.