Chhattisgarh on Alert: Pressure cooker bomb & directional mine recovered by ITBP in Rajnandgaon near Kanker border

Raipur: Pressure cooker bomb and directional mine recovered by Indo Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) in Rajnandgaon near the Kanker border today.

It seems that Naxals and Maoists were in big plan to attack in the state or in the adjoining state of West Bengal where state Assembly elections is just few days far away. It is relevant because Naxals have prominence presence in these states and the recovery of bullets and explosions directs in the same.

Chhattisgarh on Alert

In the search operation, ITBP has recovered a huge numbers of Cartoos, Rifles, Bullets etc and Dynamite as well. They also recovered a long ropes which might be used by Naxals in forest for the Gorilla war or to capture the enemy from the top of trees.

Chhattisgarh bomb

According to sources, these exploitative materials are recovered by ITBP at Rajnandgaon which near the Kanker border today, these regions have significant Naxal presence and thus it was a great threat for the state and country as well. But, now ITBP has nailed it down.