Child on Father’s sexual Abuse: He Forced Himself on Me

Child on Father’s sexual Abuse: He Forced Himself on Me :- Shrija (name changed) appeals to society that one shouldn’t even wait for a second when he/she know that he/she is a victim of sexual abuse. She said, “I succumbed to fear, parents and social stigma and bore with it for years. The result was that my husband, who abused me, was also abusing our child.”

Child on Father’s sexual Abuse

She further added, “Now, I am fighting. I couldn’t believe when my own parents abandoned me for coming out against sexual abuse. They thought that I could put up with that, but I decided I could not. I want my husband punished for inhuman acts he subjected me and my child too. Whatever the cost, I will fight this battle.”

Her child was subjected to extreme sexual abuse and thus cannot feel any pain of wounds and cuts.

According to the report, the nine-year-old girl was asked to write what happened to her. After counselling for a long time, the content written by the girl left everyone shocked.

The girl wrote, “I don’t want my father anymore in my life. I do not want to see my father’s face anymore in my life. He did many bad things to me and my mother. He forced himself on my mother many times. He has torn my mother’s dress 3 or 4 times. And I have seen her writhe in pain. I saw it happen many times at night. He threw me out of the room on many occasions. I peeped and saw what was happening to my mother. He tore my dress many times. He shouted at my mother many times when he was doing bad things to my mother. Some days he did not give food to my mother but gave me nice food and things. Sometimes he told my mother to go out of the house. He did many bad things to me for 2 years. When I was alone in the house on Saturdays, my Dadu and Dadi were not there in the house or my Dadu was alone and gone out, he did bad things to me.”

She further wrote, “My father removed my dress and forced himself on me. He took me to get five-star chicken, burger, and pizza and on all those days he did bad things to me. Some days he brought me from school and did bad things to me. I had pain when he did bad things to me for the first time and three or four times. Later on, I had no pain.”

While the mother has written, “As I am living amidst several uncertainties and deepest pain I am writing these notes about my life. I want my husband punished. I want my daughter to lead a normal life. I never wanted to get married and I was compelled to get married to my husband, who is a demon in disguise. Not only he made me a sex slave but he also continuously raped my daughter.”

The account further says, “I was shocked during the initial days of counselling of me and my child by learning that my husband had sexually abused her. It was a horrible experience narrating the pains I and my girl went through to the police, judge and the counsellor. I had also thought of ending my life on many occasions due to the repeated forcible painful sex. I started to overcome the horrified fearful, painful sex life after filing the complaint. My mother was brainwashed and she tried to force me to drop the case. The letter written by my daughter is making me cry every night. I cry for sending my daughter forcibly with her father who lured her with chocolates.”

She also wrote, “The second most painful event of my life is my husband’s repeated unnatural sex in the presence of my daughter. I underwent untold mental trauma, physical pain, disturbance in sleep and loss of appetite because of unnatural sex. Many times our daughter would get up at night and cry. My husband would forcibly lift her out of the bedroom and throw her on the sofa.”

The complaint has been forwarded to the President, Chief Justice of India and Chief Justice of Karnataka by the victims.