China started building world’s longest bullet train line

China started building world’s longest bullet train line :- China is considered to be a country that always remains ahead of the rest of the country, and again they have about to do something that none of the other countries managed to do. China has begun working on the creation of the world’s longest high-speed railways. This railway line will link the eastern coast to the southwestern part of the country.

The China corporation’s official in a recent interaction with the media wing informed that the longest line is around 2,252 km in length and it connects five provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Hunan, Guizhou and Yunnan and cuts travel time from Shanghai to Kunming from 34 to 11 hours.

A longer rail line stretching north to south is the 2,298-km Beijing-Guangzhou line, put into operation in 2012.

The maximum speed on the railway line is expected to be 330 km per hour. The government plan reveals that the the mileage will increase to 45,000 km by 2030. Meanwhile, the launch of the Shanghai-Kunming line will ensure that the country’s high-speed rail grid has taken shape and will connect all the provinces on the Chinese mainland.

Meanwhile, China is also working strongly in India to establish the Bullet train in it and withing few years India will be facilitated by the bullet train.