Chinese authorities caught Smugglers with 400 iPhone 7 worth millions of rupees

The Chinese authority arrested the group of several individuals who were trying to smuggle the 400 I Phone 7, illegally through the border.


The suspected persons were smuggling the newly launched I-Phone on the same day when it was launched in China. According to the local source of Chine, the smugglers were trying to enter the Chinese city of Shenzhen from Hong Kong with around 400 I Phones nd the surprisingly part was that all the phones were hidden in their clothes, including trousers and even strapped around their body.

The officials of China estimated the total price of these 400 I Phones around three million yuan (£344,787). Meanwhile, this incident took place on September 16, 2016.

According to the reports, only one person is allowed to carry a single handset, and if an individual takes more than one phone, then he is considered to be the smuggler. And, when the several groups of people were caught with 400 I phones, the Chinese authority immediately declared them smugglers and arrested them.

The Chinese authority is now planning to hand over these 400 I Phones to the custom department which will later arrange an auction of these I Phones for the common public.

Meanwhile, the cost of  iPhone 7 in Hong Kong is £552 and the price of iPhone 7 in China is £619.