Indian Army: Chinese hackers targeting WhatsApp to extract personal information

Indian Army: Chinese hackers targeting WhatsApp to extract personal information: Well, as you all may know that Indian Army on Sunday Released a video accusing that Chinese hackers are trying to get in India’s server and private information through some apps and hacking. Even, they did add the list of 46 apps which are dangerous for the Indian army person. Also, the reports are saying that the army suggested that they are targeting users in India via WhatsApp.

Chinese hackers are targeting Indians on WhatsApp: 5 security tips issued by the Indian Army - The Indian Army has issued a warning against Chinese hackers, who are now targeting Indians through messaging service

In a video which is out y the Indian army, they said that said that people should use the social messenger application safely, comes about four months after the Army had warned soldiers posted along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) against using a host of applications, including WhatsApp. Also, the reports are saying that over 53,000 Cybersecurity incidents observed in 2017. Why WhatsApp Co-Founder Brain Acton tweeted: ‘It is time to delete Facebook’

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Also, in the video, they said, “The Chinese use all kinds of platforms to penetrate your digital world. WhatsApp groups are a new way of hacking into your system. Chinese numbers starting with +86 barge into your groups and start extracting all the data.”

Also, the Army advised users to be vigilant and urged them to conduct regular audits of their groups to see if any number starting with +86 had joined a group. Also, the video is saying that“In case you change the SIM, destroy it completely,” the video said. It went to add that information mined from such groups was being leaked to Chinese hackers.” Also, avoid the foreigner numbers if they aren’t your known friends and family.