Chinese Model Ming Xi fall down on Victoria’s Secret 2017 Fashion Show

Chinese Model Ming Xi fall down on Victoria’s Secret 2017 Fashion Show: – As you all know that walking on heels is like a nightmare for every single girl in the word. Every single girl avoids walking on heels because it is very difficult to make yourself balanced in high heels. Overall, here we aren’t talking about the high heels problem but here we are going to share a real nightmare of a model who misbalanced during a performance. Overall, have you ever imagined imagine wearing sky-high heels on the ramp, stumbling, falling and then getting up with a smile on your face and back on the runway in front of thousands of people and dozens of camera flashing at.

We think you all say that this could be the worst nightmare for anyone. Overall, this exact thing happened with a Chinese model Ming Xi and who earned applause and praise from the audience as well as on Twitter and social media for her grace, elegance, and bravery. She didn’t get nervous and simply stood up and smiled like nothing happened.

Here, we are about to share what exactly happened during her ramp walk. Well, she was walking the ramp for this year’s Victoria’s Secret runway show in Shanghai last night. Dressed in skimpy lingerie and high heels the Chinese model stumbled and fell but in a moment got up to finish her catwalk with a smile on her face. Most of us may get embarrassed if something like that ever happens to us but she didn’t get a little embarrass and sets the great example for the whole world.

Well, you all may know that Victoria’s Secret fashion show held in Shanghai, China. However, it was Ming Xi’s reaction of walking off like a total boss after her fall is what has won the internet. After this incident, everybody is talking about her bravery on stage and sharing the positive word of mouth for her. Even, her fall down video is getting viral on Facebook and people are appreciating her talent and bravery.