ChuChu TV is Ruling on Youtube through Animated Video on toddlers & Nursery Ryhmes

ChuChu TV is Ruling on Youtube through Animated Video on toddlers & Nursery Ryhmes :- ChuChu TV is the animation channel which makes the videos on toddlers and nursery ryhmes and uploads the animated videos on the Youtube. ChuChu TV is the India’s third largest channel on Youtube with close 5 millions subscribers.


CEO of ChuChu TV, Vinod Chandar says that its popularity among the peoples stems from its understanding of its viewers.

The online audience of ChuChu TV is larger than that of All India Bakchod (AIB), Viral Fever Videos, Comedy Nights, Colors TV and Star Plus. The T-series and SET India are the only two channels larger than ChuChu TV. The T-series channel has 11 million subscribers, and SET India channel has 6 million subscribers.

screen480x480ChuChu TV gets this popularity only by just 115 videos. But T-Series has uploaded around 9,500 videos on YouTube. SET India uploads almost 13,500 videos on Youtube.

The Stats of ChuChu TV on Youtube are as follows:

  • only 115 videos on Youtube
  • 4.95+ millions subscribers on Youtube
  • 5.19 millions views on Youtube
  • Estimated monthly earnings $61,200 – $979,200
  • Estimated yearly earnings $734,400 – $11.8mn
  • 9mn+ daily views growth on Youtube
  • 7,000 + daily subscribers growth on Youtube
  • 200,000+ monthly subscribers growth on Youtube
  • 24 millions monthly views growth
  • 3 millions likes

About the Rank of ChuChu TV worldwide are as:

  • Rank 2nd in Most viewed channel in India.
  • Rank 3rd in Most subscribed channel in India.
  • Rank 6th in Kids Category subscribers in world.
  • Rank 9th in Kids Category viewership in world.
  • Rank 42nd in the World rank in viewership.
  • Rank 251st in the world rank in subscribes.

115 videos of ChuChu TV have got 5.19 billion views on Youtube channel. It is more than half of T-Series’s 9.31 billion views, with around 82 times fewer videos. SET India is at a insignificant 2.7 billion views.

It makes ChuChu TV the second most viewed YouTube channel in India. ChuChu TV is famous all over the world—the US, the UK, Ireland, Middle East and South-East Asia, and several other countries and regions.

About the History of ChuChu TV:  CEO of ChuChu TV chandar says that we are childhood friends named as Ajith, Partha, Subi, Suresh, Krishnan and me. In the year 2000, They started their first business as a CD-writing and computer printing centre. Chandar said that all the friends put in money and since we were all friends, we called it Buddies Infotech. There’s an Internet browsing centre we used to visit and play games. The owner helped us with a 100 sq. feet space in Pattinapakkam, Mylapore. That’s where we started.

Chandar said that As the years gone, Buddies started dabbling in other businesses. Software development and delivering small IT projects for clients in India and the US. Selling ringtones of Tamil songs. Making games like Freaky Flipsters, Draco The Dragon: Fire and Total Recall, a memory game and much more.

In 2013, Chandar tells that my daughter’s name is Harshita. Her nickname is ChuChu. Chandar used to make her watch videos on YouTube. One day Chandar wants to make a video on her chubby daughter so he called it chubby cheeks video. Then he uploads the video on Youtube with a logo and called it “ChuChu TV”.