Civil Services Day: Here are top 5 motivational quotes by PM Narendra Modi

Civil Services Day: Here are top 5 motivational quotes by PM Narendra Modi: The Civil Services is regarded as the civil services, the permanent executive branch of the Republic of India. The civil service system is the strength of character of the administrative machinery of the nation.

Civil Services Day: Here are top 5 motivational quotes by PM Narendra Modi

Civil Services Day is an important day in the parliamentary democracy of India, which is regarded as the ultimate responsibility of the Civil Services Day associated people in order run the administration perfectly.

On the basis of this Civil Services Day, it is being elected representatives of the people who are all turning to be our ministers of the nation.

But a handful of ministers are unable to deal personally with the various problems of modern administration. Thus the ministers lay down the policy which is for the civil servants to carry out this policy in the nation.

The executive decisions are put into operation by the Indian civil servants. The members of civil service serve at the pleasure of the President of India and Article 311 of the constitution safeguards those from politically motivated or vindictive action.

Civil servants are employees of the Government of India or of the states; though, not all employees of the Government are civil servants.

Civil servants in a personal capacity are paid from the Civil List. Senior civil servants can be regarded as the account by Parliament.

Civil Services Day: Here are top 5 motivational quotes by PM Narendra Modi

Likewise, in the year 2010, there were total 6.4 million government employees in India, and less than 50,000 civil servants to administer them.

The civil service system in India is rank-based which actually not follow the tenets of the position-based civil services.

In the year 2015, the Government of India accepted, allowed and approved the configuration of Indian Skill Development Service.

Other than, in the year 2016, the Government of India approved the formation of Indian Enterprise Development Service in India also.

The Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu is also inaugurated a 2-day civil services day function here tomorrow while Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to present awards for excellence in public administration on a concluding day on this 21st April.

A press release issued today by the Personnel Ministry said regarding the Civil Services Day.

The awards are for the effectual and effective implementation of identified main concern programmes and innovation.

This is given to districts or implementing units and other central or state organizations and the Civil Services Day is all about that one the nation.

Here are his top 5 motivational quotes that he has listed:

1). With changing times, a need may arise that we may have to change our working style. From regulator, we need to be an enabling entity.

2). With the quantum jump in work must also come a qualitative change.

3). The push for reform comes from political leadership but the perform angle is determined by officers.

4). A spirit of ownership is essential. Let us believe that through this set up we can bring a positive change in people’s lives.

5). Hierarchy remains an issue- this is something we inherited from colonial rulers & we did not leave that behind in Mussoorie.