Cloud Backup Robot – A Perfect Backup Solution for Personal and Business Usage

Cloud Backup Robot – A Perfect Backup Solution for Personal and Business Usage :- System failure, virus attack, #acking, and theft are major reasons to always have a computer data backed up at a safe location. Adapting a remote location to back up your business files and folder is a wise move. Even if your backup files are stored in computer hard disk they remain susceptible to the same threats.

Cloud Backup Robot

Unfortunately, attaining backup files in remote locations safely is not an easy task, but with Cloud Backup Robot software, the entire process is simple and efficient.

Digital technology is developing rapidly and there is a need for high quality backup software solution to counter possible risks of losing valuable data. There are traditional backup software, but Cloud Robot solution easily stores files and data form Window-based computer to an external source.

Valuable features

  • This program can be installed and configured easily. It is the best ‘Set & Forget’ mode to perform backups.
  • Flexible storage modes
  • Compression of files for saving space
  • Elimination of clutter or unnecessary backup file copies
  • One click backup process
  • Automated scheduled backup setting
  • Store backup files, where ever you desire – on FTP, your PC  hard drive or in the clouds
  • Supports chief cloud storage players
  • Enables to commence manual backups, whenever needed even if the process is configured for automated backup process
  • Filter feature allows you to declare the backup of unnecessary files
  • The server functions do not get obstructed, when SQL Server backups are created

In terms of features, it is hard to punch Cloud Backup Robot. The options allowed for scheduling updates are wide and can be set in accordance to your preference. It means all your vital data is transferred to the clouds for safe storage.

What precisely Cloud Backup Robot software do?

This program works in a user-friendly manner. Your data is conveyed over the web to the preferred cloud storage service/s in an encrypted format. It means you are fine even if –

  • Files get stolen
  • Computer gets damaged
  • Failure due to normal deterioration

Cloud-based backup service is best for extensive personal and business application. MSSQL backup tool protects your data, which can impact businesses in a bad way, if it gets destroyed or stolen.

Cloud Backup Robot – Pricing

Shareware Cloud Backup Robot can be used for a trial period of 14 days. If you appreciate it and desire to continue employing this application, after the expiry of this trial period then buy the license key. There are three kinds of licenses available.

  1. Lite – $29.95
  2. Standard – $59.95
  3. Professional – $179.95

Choose license in accordance to your preferences and needs. People using computers for light personal tasks may be good with Lite package. Businesses with extensive data may opt for Professional Plan.

Professional license includes unlimited updates for free and with Standard and Lite Plan updates allowed are up to 1.9.

Basically, each computer will need a separate license to install this software, but for several licenses contact the company directly to attain discounts.