Latest News: CM Yogi Calls Emergency Meeting, 63 Deaths In UP Hospital

Latest News: CM Yogi Calls Emergency Meeting, 63 Deaths In UP Hospital :- When we talk about governance and political benefits we forgot about human rights. It is shocking that in UP just after the visit of Chief Minister 63 people died in a hospital. Now the first question is what is administration doing? Even till now the Hospital is not taking any type of responsibility and everyone is blaming each other. Now the saddest fact is 30 out of 63 people are children and they all died in hospital.

The UP Government is saying that all deaths are casual and none of the patients died because of bad administration. Now, the sources at first government and Hospital tried to push down this news but after it gets viral everyone is looking tensed now. Well, here we are going to talk about all this in detail and how this very big incident really happened just after the visit of CM Yogi.

63 Deaths In UP Hospital

Hospital reports are saying that 30 Children died in last few days because of the oxygen supply cut. Even the hospital is not saying anything like that and they are not admitting the real issue or reason. Also, after the death, all the Families and relatives mourn outside the BRD Hospital in Gorakhpur because they really wanted to know the answer. Sources are also saying that CM Yogi is about to take a serious action now and if something unusual came out then they all work out it in a legal way.

Reports are saying that “Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has called an emergency meeting on Saturday for these tragic deaths at Gorakhpur’s Baba Raghav Das Medical College’s hospital due to alleged disruption in the supply of liquid oxygen and now the whole hospital is under inquiry and Government assured that Police is doing its work and soon the reason will come out.

CM Yogi Calls Emergency Meeting

“There haven’t been any deaths due to lack of oxygen supply. And ‘only’ seven children have died today. Today three deaths happened in Neonatal ICU, two due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome (AES) and two due to Non-AES,” UP Medical Education Minister Ashutosh Tandon said.

Both Health Minister Siddharth Nath Singh and Minister for Medical Education Ashutosh Tandon visited the hospital and checked the incident immediately after the meeting of CM. Also, according to the reports of other sources disruption in the supply of liquid oxygen claimed lives of nine children on Monday, 12 on Tuesday, nine on Wednesday, 23 on Thursday and seven on Friday.