Cold wave grasps Kashmir Valley; Drass recorded lowest temperature at minus 21 degree celsius

Cold wave grasps Kashmir Valley; Drass recorded lowest temperature at minus 21 degree celsius: Cold wave have grasps the Kashmir Valley and the chilling temperature there is unbearable. According to the reports of the Met Office said on Saturday, a severe cold wave prompted by the bone chilling night temperature sustained unchanged in the Kashmir Valley and Ladakh district.

Cold Wave In J&K, Leh Coldest At Minus 15.8 Degree Celsius

The temperature is falling down day by day and it is getting difficult for the residents to cop up with this extreme severe cold weather. As the temperature fallen quite a few marks lower than the freezing point, there was no relief from the extreme cold in the valley and the Ladakh areas.

An official of the Met division said the least possible temperature was minus 7.2 degree Celsius in Srinagar.

In Pahalgam, the temperature was minus 8.3 degree Celsius, while on the other hand in Gulmarg it was minus 7 degree Celsius.

On Saturday, Drass documented the night’s lowermost temperature at minus 21.1 degree Celsius and the town was coldest in Jammu and Kashmir.

On Friday, the maximum temperature noted in Drass was just at minus 5.5 degree and is not rising above the freezing point.

The situation in Leh and Kargil is also not good; there too the cold temperature is giving a bone chilling experience. Leh recorded minus 17.5 degree while on the other hand Kargil recorded minus 16.7 degree as the least temperature.

On Saturday, the minimum temperatures recorded in various places are Jammu recorded the downfall of the temperature at 3.1 degrees Celsius, Bhaderwah also recorded fall in temperature at minus 1.5 degree Celsius, Bannihal recorded the falling temperature of 3.7 degrees Celsius, Katra recorded 4 degrees Celsius and last but not the least Batote also recorded severe breakdown of temperature at 1 degree Celsius.

It’s getting very difficult for the residents to do even their daily routine works, working class people are finding it very difficult to travel to their workplace and to work in such a severe cold condition. The chilling winds are also adding severe bone chilling experience that people are avoiding to go outside.

Also the water places such as ponds, rivers or still water got frozen in this cold temperature. Not only this, the water fall also got frozen due to the chilling temperature. The water fall at Drung area of Tangmarg in Baramulla Distrct of North Kashmir got frozen due to the lowest temperature recorded on Saturday.

It doesn’t seem like that the temperature will rise in coming few days. Till then the residents of the Kashmir valleys have to tolerate this downfall of the temperature.