Colors Swaragini 5th November 2015 Episode Ragini Plays Evil Tricks

Colors Swaragini 5th November 2015 Episode Ragini Plays Evil Tricks : In the TV serial “Swararigini” there will be a high voltage melodrama will be taking place in a scandal will be taking place between Swara and Lakshay. The thing is that a clicked post will be sending by a mystery man to Lakshay’s mom-dad. The photo will be showing that Lakshay and Swara literally coming close and they are embracing each other. Anyway, before having the tonight episode stuffs let have some glimpses of the last night episode in which it is shown that Swara get kidnapped by some goons. Eventually, Lakshay fought with all goons and he saves Swara’s life.

Colors Swaragini 5th November 2015 Episode Ragini Plays Evil Tricks

Swaragini 5th November 2015 Episode

The frightened Swara when goes close to Lakshay and embrace her out of scared their cozy moment has capture in photos. Eventually Swara and Lakshay enter in their house where Ragini was standing like an innocent.

The brides in the house was busy performing the “Karwa Chauth” Puja ritual, suddenly Lakshay’s mom see there is no Swara, when she asked about it, Ragini replied I don’t know Maa where is Swara. Her Mom-In-Law replied ok let her come we will wait.

Suddenly, Ragini said, Maa Lakshay is also not here on the other hand, it was showing she is constantly waiting for someone to arrive and she was literally looking at the door. When everyone including Sanskar caught Swara they asked Swara what happen why you are tensed. When Swara tried to reply about her problem and kidnapping story somehow he can’t get time to answer as she had to rush for getting ready.

When Puja begins and Ragini, Swara everybody joins it suddenly a man appeared and there was an envelope in his hand. Tonight episode it will be shown when the man will be giving the envelope to Lakshay’s mom-dad.

When Lakshay’s mom-dad will be seen it they will be rush to their bed room and they will be eventually calling Lakshay and Swara.

So, catch the tonight episode of “Swararagini” to know the rest what will be happening in Swara-Sanskar and Lakshay-Ragini’s life.