#CNB Comedy Night Bachao Taaza 9th October 2016 Hd Video Bollywood Vilains Dazzle

#CNB Comedy Night Bachao Taaza 9th October 2016 Hd Video Bollywood Vialins Dazzle :- The comedy TV show “Comedy Night Bachao” is all set to welcome the Bollywood villains tonight to delivers this one hour of guaranteed laughter where the stand-up comedians including Bharti Singh and Nia Sharma will be seen spreading humour with the Bollywood bad men.


The Bad men including, Prem Chopra, Raza Murad, Pradeep Rawat and some more can be grace the tonight stage pf the comedy show Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza. They will be graced by the new host of the show Mona Singh.

In this season due to the new host will be Krushan, Bharti, and Mona Singh so the trio will be seen performing in the front of new guests on this Second season some of with other cast Sudesh Lahiri, Aditi Bhatia with Ssharadh Malhotra.

Audiences are most waited for this show of Prem Chopra, Raza Murad, Pradeep Rawat all film villains are coming on this show so it will be just fun to watched when the deadly villains will be making you laugh instead of scarring.
Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza pictures of Bharti and Krushna Abhishek along with the guests is going viral on the social site and the internet which is just enough to give the Goosebumps to the fans. The fans are now just literally having the butterfly on the stomach.

It will be also interesting to see when such a handsome Ssharadh Malhotra will be making us laugh. He will be just having a gala time with the host Aditi Bhatia. Kawach actress Mona Singh joined the show last week and she is just doing her best in the show.

“We have been hosting for a year and wanted a change. Mona and I have co-hosted Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega and we know each other. Besides, she is a good host,” Krushna told DNA about Mona.

Just don’t forget to catch tonight episode of the comical TV show Comedy Night Bachao at the Colors TV only on at 10:00 PM.