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5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Water Purifier

The rising contamination of water is a matter of concern for all – whether it’s for home usage or a commercial place. To combat it, we need to install water purifiers. It is a mandatory requirement for a commercial enterprise to provide safe and clean drinking water and invest in a commercial water purifier is worth every penny. Here are a few things to consider when buying a commercial water purifier.

Quality of Water

The foremost filtration requirement is defined by the quality and source of water. If you are getting groundwater with TDS levels of more than 500 PPM, you must go for a commercial RO water purifier. If the water reaching the premises is surface water supplied by the municipal body and has TDS of less than 500 PPM, you can install a commercial UV purifier.

Brand Credibility

You should always opt for water purifiers from reputed brands having good credibility in the market. Even if the water purifier price of these brands is slightly higher than the non-branded products, it still makes sense to opt for them. This is because they will be able to provide a longer warranty with regular servicing and replacement of critical consumable components. The higher water purifier price gets completely justified.

Storage and Capacity of Water Filter

Commercial places can have less or huge footfalls. A commercial purification system should have the capacity to suffice the drinking needs of the people frequenting the place. Buying a filter of less capacity will lead to water shortage while buying a big one will unnecessarily result in wastage of money. So, buy a filter with enough inbuilt storage after accessing the water requirement based on the footfall. It should also have an automatic power cut facility.

Latest Technology

The water purifier systems available in the market use different technologies, but not all are great and time-tested. You should opt for a commercial water purifier system that makes use of the latest and proven technology. In a country like India where nearly 70% of the water supply gets polluted with sewage effluents affecting nearly 37.7 million of the population with waterborne diseases annually, installing water purifiers is a mandatory requirement. We need it in homes as well as commercial establishments.

Maintenance and Monitoring

Go for a system that requires minimum monitoring and is covered under comprehensive warranty. Even if the water purifier price is slightly higher, providing excellent customer support and good warranty is a better bet. The system you opt for should be able to run efficiently without requiring much time or effort for maintenance and monitoring.

When it comes to providing safe and clean drinking water, a water purifier emerges as the best alternative. To ensure that you pick the right commercial water purifier, you should keep in mind all the factors that are discussed above. They are important if you want to provide pure and safe water for consumption in commercial establishments.