Compatibility Task! MTV Love School 21th February 2016 Upen And Karishma

Compatibility Task! MTV Love School 21th February 2016 Upen And Karishma : The MTV reality show of love “MTV Love School” is all set to turn into a battlefield tonight of love and war. The stuffs of the battle field will be taken by Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna as they both are the host of the show which telecast on MTV on every Saturday at 7 PM.


“MTV Love School” is most popular show of the youth with high TRPS and the glory of the show literally enhanced by appearance of these two dashing hosts. The mostly youth and teens love the show as with the show the youngsters understand the importance of love, falling in love and their partners values.

In Last episode we saw that Abhishek and Vironica got eliminated and they were given a love assignment that they failed to complete and in today’s episode boys will be given a unique love assignment which will be more difficult but not the dangerous one and with this assignment it will be depicts that how much boys know about their love and how much they are having compatible with their love partners.

So tonight it will be the “Love Compatibility” level test which the girls will go and will get chance to check their beaus. It will be major test of the show “Love School” tonight as well there will be also there in the show Valentine Day celebrations will be done.

So in the tonight episode of the “Love School” it will be shown that the physical capability of boys will be also check apart from their love for their girl-friends.

So don’t forget to catch the reality TV show “MTV Love School” on MTV at 7 PM and stay tune for more updates.